Malloy the fascist

Well, if anything there is to know further about the worst governor the worst state in the union could elect, he now is a crony capitalist.  He even has the head of one of the state’s privately owned utilities in his back pocket.  Worse than that, it’s the biggest one, Northeast Utilities, whose CT Light and Power division provides the lights at Bob’s Box HQ.

Red Notes from a Blue State writes,

When Northeast Utilities CEO Thomas May talks campaign donations, his managers listen. But then, Governor Dannel Malloy’s crony capitalist friends tend to be effusive in their praise of their benefactor. “While he has accomplished much, there is more to do,” Mr. May wrote in an e-mail to 50 of his managers. “Please join me in providing support to continue the work begun, providing new opportunities, and securing the leadership to make it happen.”


Believe it or not the state’s so-called paper of record, the CT link to Operation Mockingbird, the Hartford Courant actually took some time to REPORT NEWS on this.

And it looks like the brass at NU, which runs other utilities in New England, were good little fascists too.

Campaign finance records show that $46,500 in contributions have been made by more than 20 NU executives in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont to the Connecticut Democratic Party following Mr. May’s appeal for funds on behalf of the heroic Mr. Malloy.

And by the way, this is all ILLEGAL.

State campaign laws do not permit these kinds of campaign contributions. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Under federal campaign laws, more lax than the state campaign laws under which both Mr. Malloy and Mr. May are compelled to operate, a state party may appropriate and spend funds deposited in a federal account, provided the funds are used to support “get-out-the-vote activities” in connection with an election where a candidate for federal office is on the ballot, and never mind that such appropriations and expenditures also assist party candidates running for state office.

Instead of giving money to a looney leftist governor, perhaps the bosses at NU should concentrate on saving jobs for their workers instead of say outsourcing them to India according to a report from “Snooze 8.”  But other than that, the good little corporate sycophants in the media has been engaging in fellatio with the stutter socialist, refusing to report the truth.

What’s next Danny boy, you and May want to build wind farms to kill off eagles like your boy Barry?

Perhaps it’s time to do what KY Senator Rand Paul wants to do with Detroit…a tax free Freedom Zone to end this crony capitalism, which to this writer equates to socialism, communism, etc.  It’s a total affront to the free market capitalist system, one being murdered by the constant printing of money by the now 100-year-old Federal Reserve.


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