The report on Sandy Hook…RELEASED

Almost a year since the worst mass shooting in Connecticut history, a report on what many in the alternative media call a false flag to take away the second amendment and liberty with it, the Sandy Hook school shooting, has been released.

As for the corporate “mainstream” media, the state’s so-caled paper of record the Hartford Courant almost immediately began taking to press and online.

Lanza Was Near Sandy Hook School Day Before Shooting; Received No Help; No Indication Of Motive

Screamed one headline.

Initial Police Response In Sandy Hook Shooting Scrutinized

Read another.

The Courant also released photographs related to the entire incident.

WFSB Channel 3 in Hartford released online the entire 44-page report (PDF) written by State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III.

Writing in the Newtown Patch blog, Davis Dunavin said the report showed no motive for the shooting.

But the report does not contain “thousands” of pages of police documents concerning the shooting. The full report is being redacted and will be available “before the anniversary of this tragedy,” according to the Connecticut Department of Criminal Justice.

In other words, the report is being sent through the spin cycle at the behest of State Police’s answer to Jay Carney Sergeant Paul Vance

According to one section in the report, data recovered from a portable GPS once belonging to shooter Adam Lanza shows he was near the school for 23 minutes the day before the massacre where 20 children and six adults were killed, and where he eventually committed suicide.

Also included in the report is a timeline of events from the first 911 call received to the time Connecticut State Police (mentioned in the report as CSP) entered Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES)

9:35:39-First 911 call to Newtown Police Department is received.

9:36:06-Newtown Police Department dispatcher broadcasts that there is a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

9:37:38-Connecticut State Police are dispatched to SHES for active shooter.

9:38:50-CSP are informed that SHES is in lockdown.

9:39:00-First Newtown police officer arrives behind SHES on Crestwood Rd.

9:39:13-Two more Newtown officers arrive at SHES and park on the driveway near the ball field. Gunshots are heard in the background.

9:39:34-Newtown officer encounters unknown male running along the east side of SHES with something in his hand.

9:40:03-Last gunshot is heard. This is believed to be the final suicide shot from the shooter in classroom 10.

9:41:07-Information is relayed as to the location of the last known gunshots heard within SHES, the front of the building.

9:41:24-Newtown officer has unknown male prone on ground, starting information relay regarding possibly more than one shooter.

9:42:39-Newtown officer calls out the license plate of the shooter’s car.

9:44:47-Newtown officers enter SHES.

9:46:23-CSP arrive at SHES.

9:46:48-CSP enter SHES.

One area that concerned the alternative media and those in social media was the possibility of another shooter in the area.  The report supposedly debunks that idea.

The rescue and recovery efforts were a combination of both state and federal agencies given the magnitude of the situation, the second deadliest mass gun massacre in United States of America history.

The report described Lanza thusly…

He was wearing a pale green pocket vest over a black polo style short sleeve shirt over a black t-shirt. He had yellow colored earplugs in each ear. He was wearing black cargo pocket pants, black socks, black sneakers, a black canvas belt and black fingerless gloves on each hand. He had an empty camouflage drop holster that was affixed to his right thigh.

There was an incredible amount of firearms found on or near Lanza as well.

A Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle was located some distance away from the shooter. The rifle’s shoulder strap was attached in the front but disconnected at the butt of the rifle. The disconnected rear portion was the result of a failed nut attachment. It is unknown if the nut failed while the rifle was being used or as the result of being dropped or thrown to the floor.

The Bushmaster rifle was found with the safety in the “fire” position. There was one live 5.56 mm round in the chamber and one PMAG 30 magazine in the magazine well. The magazine contained fourteen live 5.56 mm rounds of ammunition. The rifle did not appear to have malfunctioned when observed by the WDMC van unit, but a CSP-ESU report described the weapon as appearing to have jammed. When tested later, the rifle functioned properly.

Two empty PMAG 30 magazines that were duct-taped together in a tactical configuration and one live 5.56 mm round were found near the rifle. Officers found two-hundred-fifty-three live rounds on the shooter’s body: one-hundred-sixteen 9mm rounds, seventy-five rounds of 10 mm, sixty-one rounds of 5.56 mm and one 12 gauge shotgun shell.

Officers also seized forty-six 5.56 mm live rounds. This consisted of fifteen from the rifle, one from the floor and thirty from the magazine under the body of the shooter, as well as thirteen 10mm live rounds (nine from the Glock and four from the floor).

There were forty-nine expended 5.56mm casings seized and one 10 mm casing from classroom 10. Total live rounds seized were three-hundred-twelve and total expended casings seized from classroom 10 were fifty.

The report also showed Lanza perchance for very violent video games.  A list of titles is included in the report, including the popular Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

The report said Lanza would have faced these crimes, which would have gotten him life in prison with no parole, since Connecticut has done away with the death penalty.  But given his mental state, that punishment would have been restricted.

The major felonies committed by the shooter in this case are:

-Murder with Special Circumstances

-Attempted Murder with Special Circumstances

-Assault in the First Degree

-Burglary in the First Degree

-Risk of Injury to a Minor

-Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds

-Carrying a Pistol without a Permit

And this report comes out on the same day there was supposedly a gunman on the campus of the school of Skull and Bones (the cliq of elites such as the Bushes, and you can Startpage search it if you dare to use the term conspiracy theory), Yale University.  But there is the possibility that incident may have been a false flag hoax to serve as a distraction from the release of the report.

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