Nazis go nuclear

The Democrats have changed the game all to rubber stamp their fascist leader Barry Obama.  By a 52-48 vote along party lines, the Harry Reid led Senate has employed the so-called nuclear option which angers Thomas Jefferson and the founders who wrote the rules for the House and Senate in the US Constitution.  It in essence would allow just a majority of votes (51) for approval of any presidential nominees to cabinet positions.  It does not apply, however to Supreme Court nominees.  As expected, Connecticut’s two leftist senators, Murphy and Blumenthal were in goosestep with Obama/Soetoro and Reid.

Already social media is burning up with this.  A post on The Minority Post blog calls hypocrisy on the part of the left.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who was among the GOP Senators to vote no, posted on his Facebook page

With this nuclear option, Sen. Harry Reid (Dictator of the Senate) has sent a clear message to America. He’s saying, “I’m in charge, I’m a bully, I’m going to get my way or change the rules.” In doing so, he’s causing more discord and disharmony here. There will be more dysfunction in the Senate because of this.

WND also reported on Paul as he called Reid and the Democrats bullies.

South Carolina’s Tim Scott also chimed in.

This unprecedented power grab to change the rules of the Senate simply to try and shift people’s attention away from the disastrous Obamacare rollout is short sighted, and it carries implications Democrats are going to have to live with when Republicans retake the Senate.
Edward Plamowski of South Carolina posted this to Senator Scott’s Facebook.  And he in essence puts both major corporate run parties in the blame game.
I understand being mad at this as Republicans, however we only have ourselves to blame. Under Bush we easily could have remade the Federal Bench by pursuing the nuclear option. Remember Miguel Estrada? Many of you probably don’t… why? Because he was one of the conservative nominees who was screwed by the likes of Lindsey Graham and John McCain when, instead of pursuing the nuclear option, they sought a “gang of eight” bargain to let some nominees through Democratic filibusters, and to slash the nominations of others.

If these RINO Senators had truly believed in their conservative principles they would have gladly passed a simple rule change in the Senate to get conservatives onto the bench. They, however, chose not to. Say what you will about Harry Reid – but he isn’t going to be a fool like them. He believes in his liberal convictions enough to scrap a rule and get his judges through for whatever scary looking “greater good” he believes in. We as Republicans have only ourselves to blame, as we missed our chance to do the same exact thing.

One other not for those of you complaining that scrapping Senate rules violates the principles of filibusters and the intent of our founders: maybe so. However, all of these judges (liberal and conservative) are violations of our founders intent to far greater extremes. They all believe in something called “judicial review.” I’m sure you have heard of it. It is the idea that the judicial branch is granted supremacy over the other branches in being able to grant the final say on whether a law (like, say, Obamacare) is “constitutional.” All these judges believe in this final say doctrine that federal courts supposedly hold the right to.

But guess what… Judicial Review was not what our founders intended. Read the constitution. You won’t find it anywhere. Thomas Jefferson hated the idea. As did James Madison; yeah, the guy that wrote the constitution. Former Chief Justice Marshall completely invented the very idea of judicial review in a case called “Marbury v. Madison” that was brought against Jefferson and his Secretary of State, Madison. Judicial review was never codified in the constitution, passed by amendment, or written not any legislation.

NOTE: Author added link to Marbury v. Madison.  Basically this shows the Democrats total disdain and hatred for the US Constitution and support for the UN Charter or any kind of globalist pact.  The same goes for the neocons who are just as much in goosestep with Obama and company.
The fiery redhead Libertarian Girl has also sounded the hypocrisy alert, with help from Joe Biden!
“YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE SENATE RULES BY A PURE MAJORITY VOTE…It’s the one thing this country stands for, not tilting the playing field to those who control and own the field.” – Joe Biden yelling in the senate about the same nuclear option democrats enacted today.
And here’s the video proof in case any of you Obots out there have brain rot from watching The View, Maury, or any leftist Nazi clap trap.
And Twitchy is about to burn up with this.
The John Birch Society also is mad at the situation.

This is what happens when politicians (in this case Democrats) get desperate. The founders set-up the Republic to have gridlock. It serves as a check and balance.


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