See folks Libertarians are not bloodsuckers

Here in Connecticut-stan after Election Day which saw Stamford elect a liberal mayor in David Martin (the last lefty to hold the seat, Dan Malloy is now the worst…governor…ever) and New Haven continues to be the communist das kapital of the state electing Toni Harp to replace Juan Carlos Perez de Cuellar DeStefano, something happened in the town of Westbrook located between New Haven and New London. In a three-way race against a Democrat and Republican for two open seats on the town’s Planning Board, Libertarian Joshua Katz placed first.  The GOP had a 3-2 majority over the Democrats on the commission. Katz’s victory now changes the split to 2-2-1, giving him the Anthony Kennedy spot on the board.  The Swing Vote.

The Libertarian Party’s website reported on this news.

“In Westbrook, a libertarian moment has arrived, and a revolution is under way. I worked to show voters that the freedom philosophy has practical meaning — it means more local business, more diversity of business offered, less aid to corporations, and more protection for small business from attempts to regulate them out of existence. Voters responded” Katz said.

Katz received 1074 votes in the election for the Planning Board according to the town of Westbrook’s website.


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