Why I hate neoconservatives

And how our so-called ally Zionist Israel has been playing a role.

From Libya, to Sudan, to Iraq, to Afghanistan- Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran.. Who benefits really from these conflicts? The answer is very simple: Israel does. Why is it we have so many Duel Israeli-American citizens in our government, when we have no Duel Irish/ German / Italian / Iraqi American citizens in our government?

Is it any surprise our government is attempting to invade Syria and there are no duel Syrian / American citizens in our government?

The reason the US is so close to Israel is simple – Israeli interest own our media, have a huge stake in our economy (The Rothschilds for example) and have many duel citizens at the top levels of our government.

The reality is- 9/11 Was the final stages of a Neocon/Zionist Coup (Refer to PNAC…Project for a New American Century) that toppled our government, and has put our interests in the hands of a Zionist group that wants our soldiers and our treasure to be used to invade a number of middle Eastern countries which have not gone along with the global plan- World bank controlled Central banks and NATO controlled nations who are ultimately loyal to Israeli interests.

It is not a “coincidence” that Jewish people are 2% of the population of the United States, yet control a vast majority of our government’s highest positions.. do not keep your head in the sand, and realize what is happening right now is all for Israel’s interests, and not in the best interest of the vast majority of the American people.

It’s not racism understanding there has been a Zionist Coup– it’s being patriotic- If a vast majority of the people in our government were dual North Korean/ American citizens, would we speak out about it? Of course we would.

So to all you who scream antisemitism…WAKE UP!

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