Earlier this week, there was a report from Infowars saying the Sandy Hook 911 tapes were not going to be released.  Well today, a panel here in CT-STAN decided the audio tapes SHOULD BE RELEASED.

Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission ordered Wednesday the release of 911 tapes from last December’s shooting at Sandy Hook after an appeal by the AP for access to the records.

The prosecutor leading the investigation of the shooting, Danbury State Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, said the commission’s decision will be appealed in state courts. Sedensky argued against revealing the recordings, saying it could subject witnesses and victims to further trauma and harassment, as well as impede the investigation.

Or maybe just take those on psychotropic drugs off of them which may be a good thing like Mr. Sedensky’s fellow leftist gun grabber the Assistant Attorney General fears.

The Danbury News Times, owned by Hearst, reports an initial request for the recordings was rejected by lawyers for Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe last February.  The paper was one of many media outlets wanting the tapes released.

Many media and social media outlets are expressing fear the tapes may have been doctored in some way ala the infamous Watergate tapes.

The News Times also reported…

Asked for her reaction to the ruling, Cristina Hassinger, daughter of slain Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung, said that while she understands why most families would be reluctant to have the 911 tapes released she believes that more information is better than less.

“Personally I believe the tapes are going to be released at some point anyway,” she said. “I can understand why the victim of any crime wouldn’t want to hear or see things like this, but I’d rather have more information about what happened that day. The more information I have the easier it is to wrap my brain around what happened.”

But Newtown First Selectman Pa Llodra said Wednesday she supports the Newtown police state’s attorney’s decision to appeal the order of the release of the tapes.

“While I am certainly an advocate of the public’s right to know and support that every effort has to be made to make government transparent, I don’t understand how this serves the public interest” Llodra said.

Why is she afraid of the truth?

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