The Great One needs a lesson

IN THE CONSTITUTION!  The man who claims as much to be a Constitutional expert as the man he supports because of his neocon attitude, our so-called President Obama/Soetoro thinks a Con Con can change things.  The John Birch society, a group I assume he would label as extremists, has something to say about that.  Here is JBS CEO Art Thompson to express the dangers of Con Cons.

And here is another “extremist” in neocon Levin’s mind, Chuck Baldwin on even more dangers of a Con Con.

Levin, the only reason you are where you are is because you are friends with fellow neocon Sean Hannity…you sir are to be boycotted for being a phony American who sneers at birthers…WE SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION, SOMETHING YOU FAIL TO BELIEVE IN.  Well sir it’s in ARTICLE II, SECTION 1, CLAUSE 5.



At least that is the impression one gets from reading the buzz generated over the channels Video Music Awards, this from a channel whose sole existence at one point is no longer that.  And one set of antics caused Mark Dice to ask

“Does Miley Cyrus need a rabies vaccine?”

And there’s more from Mark.


Rogue’s Gallery

Haven’t done this in a while so I thought I’d get back into it.


Which of the states carries traffic/red light cameras?  See here.


HYPOCRISY…despite the media hyping the Gagafication of Manning



The Commander and the doctor

The former…Charles Kerchner; The latter…Laurie Roth.  The subject…well you know.

Quick Hits

Video of Congressman Telling Little Girl No Amnesty

The illegal alien amnesty lobby, led by racists such as La Raza and LULAC is at it again using little children as political pawns to support an invasion of our American homeland by 12-20 million illegal immigrants! However, enough good Americans with sense showed up at the Congressional Town Hall meeting in Murfreesboro, TN recently when the crowd cheered for anti-amnesty Congressman Scott DeJarlais’s (R-TN) response. DeJarlais stood up against amnesty and stood on the side of most Americans who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced instead of any Republic destroying amnesty legislation that would add 12-20 million NWO Voters.

Here he is talking to local radio station WGNS.

Whether you are in Central TN or not, please call Congressman Scott DeJarlais ((202) 225-6831) and thank him for opposing amnesty for illegals!  This guy gets it.

If you are a parent, this is a must know:

Win the Common Core Battle But Lose the War?

Obama IRS Agents Continue to Target Conservatives in ‘Phony’ Scandal

A letter to so-called Constitutional expert Mark Levin.





August 19, 2013 – TPATH – With the rejection by SCOTUS of a hearing on the Obama eligibility issue, we Americans have reached the crossroads in our search for law and order. We have come to the fork in the road where only one decision will have any lasting meaning for us. We will survive or perish as a free nation.

Our choice is clear. It’s either enslavement or freedom.

When we are truly a nation of minimum wage non-entities we will no longer be able to afford our pleasures which we purchase from China and the rest of the world. Many of the third world countries of the past decade will be superior to us in most every respect – and we are the cause of it all:

  • Our smug, self-satisfied belief in our superiority, our unbridled passion for recreation and pursuits of “happiness”
  • Our abysmally stupid, lecherous, corrupt politicians
  • Our voracious bottom-line feeding piranha’s of commerce and industry who have destroyed our manufacturing industries
  • Our puke inducing government “of the people” who are everything evilly opposed to the very Constitution they are sworn to protect
  • The ethnically racist and religious rabble-rousers who profit by their hate inducing bile
  • The non-profits who are anything but
  • The fake charities and their unending “hands out” bleating
  • The “good cause” research organizations who siphon off most of the money for their hierarchy
  • The sick-minded lobbyists and their unceasing maggot-like approach to life
  • The exponential growth of that magnificent segment of our society – the entitlement whiner.
This is only a short list of the evils we have allowed to proliferate in America.
What about these?
  1. The deliberate ruination of the education system.
  2. The denigration of the entertainment industry and the people responsible.
  3. The insatiable greed of our bureaucracies.
  4. The city, county and state government’s which feed on the citizenry and produce nothing of value in return.
  5. The relentless demolition of our individuality.

Then there is political correctness which is designed for no other purpose than to make us feel guilty and to hesitate to speak our minds or to act to take corrective action while our country is being destroyed.

I could have made a dispassionately professional assessment – a white paper if you will, to describe America’s problems and the causes. It would have taken a few weeks and would probably be read and cast aside by an uninterested audience.  Instead, I’ve allowed my indignation to control my pen for these few sentences as a means of expressing my resentment about what is happening to America – and in the hope that you who read this will realize that time is running out for patriots to act.

The gangrenous decay in our society is almost overwhelming in scope.

It can’t be cured in one fell swoop. It will take time and it must be eventually eradicated with the most powerful of all antibiotics – the will of the people.

Heads will roll

This is the feeling one gets when hearing this interview by Dr. Laurie Roth with Carl Gallups about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo

Full interview here.

Meanwhile, the corporate media again plays up to their Mockingbird bosses…like FAUX News.,,

And of course Tingles Matthews of MSNWO…

It’s official

Despite assurance to the contrary by neocon talker Laura Ingraham, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, after releasing his birth certificate recently IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE US.

Image from Give Us Liberty Blogspot.

Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz, born in Calgary Alberta, Father born in Cuba, Mother, born in Wilmington, Delaware.  And for Ms. Ingraham and all the others in the Mockingbird Corporate Media Complex, Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret. Navy) has some advice for the Cruzbots (DISCLOSURE: the writer of this article has a lot of respect for Ted Cruz because of his support for the Constitution, but he is not eligible to be President).

While Ted Cruz was a “Citizen” of the United States at birth and thus eligible to be a U.S. Senator, he was also a “Citizen” of Canada at birth, and thus he was not a “natural born Citizen” of the United States at birth with sole allegiance and unity of citizenship to the United States and thus in NOT constitutionally eligible to be U.S. President. He was born with dual and conflicting legal allegiances. Natural born Citizens are created by natural law and the laws of nature and nature’s Creator, not man-made laws such as USC Title 8 Section 1401 that allows a person born under certain circumstances to obtain a Citizenship Certificate from the U.S. government. Natural born Citizens, due to the facts and laws of nature at their birth, do not need to have a Citizenship Certificate issued by the U.S. government. That Title 8 man-made law does not even have the term natural born in it. Natural born Citizens don’t need said law to be recognized as being Citizens of the United States. Man-made laws can only create Citizens, not natural born Citizens. It takes two Citizens with their child born in the USA to create a natural born Citizen per natural law, as codified by Emer(sp.) de Vattel in his book, Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law which was used by the founders and framers to write the founding documents, which is a person born with sole allegiance and unity of citizenship at birth. A dual Citizen is not a natural born Citizen of any country. If you don’t believe that the “laws of nature” were studied and used by the founders of our country, read the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.
Well, at least Fox News did get it right on this.
A similar article can be found at The Post and Email, but you need a subscription.  If not, Birther Report has it.
UPDATE (8/21) Levin and Hannity the wonder twins of fake Constitutionality, say Ted Cruz is eligible.  Levin takes it a step further by blasting birthers (A term straight out of THE LEFT’S playbook Rules for Radicals by one Saul Alinsky)
And as for Cruz, well he is distracted by this.
And at TPATH, Levin is being called to the carpet.
In his ire and quite unintentionally, he let out a very interesting piece of information.  Its well known to all of us who have listened to Levin during the past few years that he holds in contempt anyone who would dare to question or confront him.  His dislike for Progressives and liberals appears to have taken a back seat to those scoundrels he bitterly and sarcastically calls “Birthers”.   We will instruct Mr. Levin as to just what a “birther” is a bit later and we will also teach the great one a bit about our Constitution and the history of its authorship.Getting back to that interesting slip of the tongue.  After months of berating, belittling and banning callers who had the audacity to mention Obama’s ineligibility, this expert let it slip that he has “not really looked into it”.

What?  The guy we were all supposed to look to for law and constitutionality, the guy who has treated those that looked to him for support on this issue as pests and “one of those“, has not even taken the time to “look into it”?  That, to me, says it all.  It appears he does not want to know or he is too scared to find out.  Either way, you Mark Levin, this time you have done it for me.  I’ll never tune you in again.  You sir, are either a hypocrite or a coward. But most likely both.

Article II – Section 1, is written thusly:
“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Note if you will, or if you have the time, the term natural born citizen.  That term did not appear there from thin air.  It was not planted there because the founding fathers wanted to use extra words.  That term was put there, Mr. Levin, after much thought and consideration by the authors.  Then, following a thurough  debate, John Jay (you can look him up Mark, he’s in the history books, at least for the time being), wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson (he’s in the books too) demanding that the natural born citizen terminology be added to that article.  He wrote about the fear of someone having allegiances to a foreign country, by virtue of having a parent who was a citizen of that country, getting control of the military and the government.A short reading of any one of many legal terms books or ledgers of the time, clearly defines what a natural born citizen was and still remains today.  Its definition can not be  changed just to make some politicians and talk show hosts comfortable with their treason.  If anyone, anyone not to busy to really look into this that is, looks at the damage this present usurper of our White House has done, it shall become crystal clear just how brilliant our founding fathers were.  They feared Obama and the likes of Obama, generations before he was born.

The term “Birther” was devised and propagated by the left and is a typical Alinsky tactics of divide, isolate, humiliate and destroy.  By labeling those whom you can’t defeat with facts, you can create a form of “political leprosy” and tack it onto the foreheads of those whom you can’t debate and therefore, will never have to debate. Several years ago, after having “really looked into” the many, many problems associated with Obama, including first his lack of any birth certificate and then the feloniously forged one, and the clearly ineligible characteristics of his so very veiled life,  many people who began to speak out were labeled Birther and I for one, wore that label with pride and I still do today as I will till I feel felt covered wood at my elbows. What is a Birther?

    • A Birther is a person who loves this country and will not be intimidated by those who don’t.  


    • A Birther knows and understands the Constitution and will not compromise or shy away from protecting it.   


    • A Birther will not be intimidated into silence even if he finds himself isolated or occupying a jail cell. 


    • A Birther believes in the rule of law and won’t look away from it for personal gain or political standing.


    • A Birther will not forsake his principles, for any candidate, left, right or middle.


    • A Birther will not shut up, sit down and be quiet so a pompous fraud can make money signing books.


    • A Birther has investigated and compiled facts and data which are irrefutable.


    • A Birther is a Constitutionalist


    • A Birther is a Conservative


  • A Birther is an American

Looks like this writer, the writer of that TPATH article and Commander Kerchner can be considered that term.  At Birther Report the retired Naval Commander posted…

Levin is a major part of the problem. Him and [Glenn] Beck ridicule constitutionalists. I can surmise one reason why people are confronting Mark Levin at book signings … he won’t let anyone on his radio show, call ins or guests, to debate him on the “natural born Citizen” legal term of art in the U.S. Constitution. Levin like Beck simply ridicules, tells them to get off his phone, and hangs up on constitutionalists which disagree with his “interpretation” of the term NBC. If the main stream media and talking heads like Levin and Beck would allow constitutional attorneys such as Atty Apuzzo, Atty Herb Titus PhD, or Atty Larry Klayman to be on their shows for an hour or so of fair debate people would not have to confront him in public. Levin also says he has not studied the issue. He was personally presented with a portfolio of information about the NBC issue including the case Minor v Happersett at the CPAC convention in Washington DC two years ago by Capt Pamela Barnett. He told her he hadn’t heard of that case or studied it but he would look at it and the material Pamela gave to him. I was there and witnessed the presentment. I similarly gave copies of the same portfolio to former Atty General Ed Meese and also to Phyllis Schlafly. What did Levin and the others do with the material … throw it in a waist can. They certainly have access to vast amounts of material is they wish to study the issue. No, imo, these people are being disingenuous and pleading ignorance as a way of ducking the issue. All we constitutionalists want is a fair and open debate on the NBC issue in all the major media with experts on both sides of the issue allowed to make their case without being shouted down, hung up on, or called names and using Saul Alinsky type ridicule to try and silence people on this issue. But they won’t give us the platform in the major media because they know we are correct. We have the facts and truth on our side as to the founders and framers original intent as to the purpose and meaning of why the NBC clause was put into the Constitution. Both political parties want to ignore the true meaning of the NBC clause in the Constitution rather than properly amend the Constitution because they have not been able to do that to date despite trying several times over the last 10-20 years to redefine it or amend it out. The NBC clause is a national security clause requiring the President to have sole allegiance to the USA at birth. Dual Citizens need not apply. People like Cruz, Obama, Jindal, and Rubio were dual Citizens at birth. They are NOT constitutionally eligible to be President!
Bold…writer’s emphasis