It’s time for me to sound it..

RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!


I am sounding because of this…















Crisis in Syria escalates to red alert, as Russia and China warn the US that military intervention against Assad is a “grave mistake” and will result in “catastrophic consequences”

The British government said Tuesday its military is drawing up plans for a military attack on Syria “within days”

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also held talks with President Obama Tuesday with plans for a military strike against Assad, with Rudd calling this the “world’s greatest political crisis”

These so-called chemical weapon attacks have been orchestrated by the same al-qaeda/FSA rebels the west is arming (that’s right, WE ARE ARMING THEM SO WE CAN DECLARE A FALSE FLAG WAR)! Don’t forget it was exactly last year Obama said the red line for a military attack against Assad would be “chemical weapons” And Assad even warned that the west would blame him with planned events, this is all being orchestrated by the global elite under the guise of the FSA rebels who are really al-quada radicals run by western intelligence.

The global elite are trying to put the US creation al-qaeda in control of Syria, the end game…to create a unified Middle East largely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood who are armed by western and British  intelligence. A united Middle East controlled by international mega banks and run by radical Jiahdies funded by the west will more readily become part of their NWO.

And the politicians will ignore the will of the people who warn of not going into Syria.  Meanwhile, Obama continues his dictatorial rule by NOT following the Constitution.   And as expected he has the backing of his Mockingbird lackies in the Fascist media, namely Chuck Todd of NBC/GE/Comcast/Universal/MSNWO.

Meanwhile Infowars reports what Obama and company are doing is and should be grounds for arrest, not impeachment as, much to the chagrin of the neocons talkers out there, you cannot impeach an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT.

As a reminder, let us consider Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution. It states: “Congress shall have power to… declare War,” not the president. As an example of how far we’ve wandered from the original intent of the framers, Doe v. Bush decided that congressional authorization suffices for declaration.

The last constitutionally valid declaration of war occurred in December 8, 1941, when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a declaration of war against Japan following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

All wars since have been unconstitutional.

The last line, much to the chagrin of the warhawks.


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