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Video of Congressman Telling Little Girl No Amnesty

The illegal alien amnesty lobby, led by racists such as La Raza and LULAC is at it again using little children as political pawns to support an invasion of our American homeland by 12-20 million illegal immigrants! However, enough good Americans with sense showed up at the Congressional Town Hall meeting in Murfreesboro, TN recently when the crowd cheered for anti-amnesty Congressman Scott DeJarlais’s (R-TN) response. DeJarlais stood up against amnesty and stood on the side of most Americans who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced instead of any Republic destroying amnesty legislation that would add 12-20 million NWO Voters.

Here he is talking to local radio station WGNS.

Whether you are in Central TN or not, please call Congressman Scott DeJarlais ((202) 225-6831) and thank him for opposing amnesty for illegals!  This guy gets it.

If you are a parent, this is a must know:

Win the Common Core Battle But Lose the War?

Obama IRS Agents Continue to Target Conservatives in ‘Phony’ Scandal

A letter to so-called Constitutional expert Mark Levin.





August 19, 2013 – TPATH – With the rejection by SCOTUS of a hearing on the Obama eligibility issue, we Americans have reached the crossroads in our search for law and order. We have come to the fork in the road where only one decision will have any lasting meaning for us. We will survive or perish as a free nation.

Our choice is clear. It’s either enslavement or freedom.

When we are truly a nation of minimum wage non-entities we will no longer be able to afford our pleasures which we purchase from China and the rest of the world. Many of the third world countries of the past decade will be superior to us in most every respect – and we are the cause of it all:

  • Our smug, self-satisfied belief in our superiority, our unbridled passion for recreation and pursuits of “happiness”
  • Our abysmally stupid, lecherous, corrupt politicians
  • Our voracious bottom-line feeding piranha’s of commerce and industry who have destroyed our manufacturing industries
  • Our puke inducing government “of the people” who are everything evilly opposed to the very Constitution they are sworn to protect
  • The ethnically racist and religious rabble-rousers who profit by their hate inducing bile
  • The non-profits who are anything but
  • The fake charities and their unending “hands out” bleating
  • The “good cause” research organizations who siphon off most of the money for their hierarchy
  • The sick-minded lobbyists and their unceasing maggot-like approach to life
  • The exponential growth of that magnificent segment of our society – the entitlement whiner.
This is only a short list of the evils we have allowed to proliferate in America.
What about these?
  1. The deliberate ruination of the education system.
  2. The denigration of the entertainment industry and the people responsible.
  3. The insatiable greed of our bureaucracies.
  4. The city, county and state government’s which feed on the citizenry and produce nothing of value in return.
  5. The relentless demolition of our individuality.

Then there is political correctness which is designed for no other purpose than to make us feel guilty and to hesitate to speak our minds or to act to take corrective action while our country is being destroyed.

I could have made a dispassionately professional assessment – a white paper if you will, to describe America’s problems and the causes. It would have taken a few weeks and would probably be read and cast aside by an uninterested audience.  Instead, I’ve allowed my indignation to control my pen for these few sentences as a means of expressing my resentment about what is happening to America – and in the hope that you who read this will realize that time is running out for patriots to act.

The gangrenous decay in our society is almost overwhelming in scope.

It can’t be cured in one fell swoop. It will take time and it must be eventually eradicated with the most powerful of all antibiotics – the will of the people.

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