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That is the charge being laid out by Dr. Jerome Corsi.  West-backed militants tell an AP reporter they mishandled Saudi-supplied chemical weapons, causing an accident, bringing up the days of The Maine. He spoke Friday to Carl Gallups on WEBY Radio in Pensacola, FL.



And there’s a good amount of backup from alternative media, including Alex Jones.

Commander to Great One

YOU ARE INSANE!  Commander Kerchner lambastes neocon and subverted obot Mark Levin who knows as much about the Constitution and its backstory as Obama/Biden do…ZERO!

He recently posted

Mark Levin’s brazen misstatements and disinformation on his radio show Thursday were unbelievable and shocking. He said Ted Cruz is eligible to be President even though he said Ted Cruz was a “naturalized Citizen”. As I said, unbelievable. I guess Mark, it’s hard to keep your mind straight when you are twisting the truth about what a “natural born Citizen” truly is to constitutional standards. And this disinformation is coming from a man who holds himself out as a constitutional expert. He is doing this on purpose. In my opinion, he is a coward on this issue of presidential eligibility since he will not allow anyone on the air, constitutional expert or otherwise, to debate him in a courteous, intelligent, and respectful way on this. All he spews out on this issue is anger, intimidation, disinformation, and ridicule. And he blocks all calls from listeners on this issue. What is he so afraid of? Maybe that the real truth might get onto the national airways. By way of a note as to correct historical information given to him in the past, a team of constitutionalists, me included, attending a conference in Washington DC in 2010, presented him and other dignitaries attending that event with historical and legal information on the founders and framers intent and true meaning of “natural born Citizen” of the United States”. Levin is obviously ignoring it when he says nothing in history supports the definition of natural born Citizen that to be such one must be born in the USA to two Citizen parents and the founders purpose and intent for its true meaning, i.e., a person born with sole allegiance and unity of citizenship at birth. Dual-citizens by birth need not apply to be President and Commander-in-Chief.
And so the retired Naval commander and oathkeeper issued this challenge to the so-called great one.
If Mark Levin was even remotely fair he would at least have either Atty Mario Apuzzo, Atty Herb Titus PhD, and/or Atty Larry Klayman or maybe all of them on his show to debate the issue fair and openly for an hour or two. But he won’t. His agenda is to keep the cloud of disinformation and cover-up in effect on this blatant usurpation of Article II Section 1, the presidential eligibility clause of the U.S. Constitution by both major political parties. I believe he’s a coward on this issue. He is sure acting like one. Or maybe the Obama regime has something on him and is threatening him, his family, or his show producers. Whatever the reason, he is not telling the truth on the historical and legal facts regarding the constitutional term “natural born Citizen”. On his show this time he even ridiculed by implication and innuendo the great legal writers of the founding era such as Emer de Vattel and his preeminent legal treatise of that time, “The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law” which our founders along with the Bible used to help write the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents, and which treatise contained a legal definition of “natural born Citizen” therein.

Who would REALLY benefit from a war with Syria

Well, if you ask Brother Nathanael, the answer is obvious…

But is this nation America really in danger?  Well if you ask Rand Paul, not really.

Then again, don’t ask the Jew run New York Times.

Bullying bull

This past week, as another year in the government enslavement zones known as the Greenwich Public Schools began another year; it didn’t take too long for two big topics in said government schools to surface, guns and bullying.  In the wake of the gun grab called Sandy Hook and the constant nanny state wanting people who do not behave to government standards and are forced to take mind killing psychotropic drugs, comes the death of Bart Palosz, a sophomore at Greenwich High School.  (NOTE: The author of this piece is a 1992 graduate of GHS).

The Greenwich Patch reports school and town officials made it clear Wednesday the situation regarding any problems Palosz had were known to them.

After the first day of school, Palosz, who said he was bullied, went home, found a gun in his family’s secured gun locker in their Greenwich home, and shot himself to death.

The Patch also reported…

On, a profile for Bart Palosz included several comments dated June and July in which the poster threatened suicide. What was apparent in the posts, there was nothing to indicate commenters tried to discourage the teen or provide support and encouragement to seek help.

Greenwich Schools Superintendent William McKersie said school officials at New Lebanon, Western Middle and GHS knew Bart and the issues he faced. They all supposedly expressed shock he would make the choice he did.

To this the writer calls bull. And has some personal experience behind it.  I was a student at GHS in the early 1990’s.  During that time I was bullied by someone whose father was a teacher at GHS.  I will withhold the person’s name as I do not want to give this person a soapbox or further any horrible recollections. My mother tried to take this to school officials which may have included the then headmistress of GHS, Dr. Eileen Petruzillo.  But someone in the office told my mother to talk to this kid’s mother.  Flustered and insulted, mother talked to the parents of this troubled teen who has bullied his siblings according to them.

At the time of this, I was not diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome/borderline Autism despite according to GHS’ website in 1991 the ARCH School, an alternative high school program for so-called non-traditional students, is founded.

What ended up happening was my mother threatened to call a lawyer.  And that put an end to that.  We sometimes think about this incident my mother and me.  I have not forgotten this kid and the lack of action done at the school.  I did graduate like mentioned above in 1992, but to be honest now looking back over 20 years later, it felt more like surviving than anything else.  With that began my emotional war with this town and the state of Connecticut, one that both are winning and because of it, I have been frustrated and now because of my disability, I must live on Social Security and maybe even food stamps.

I was born with my problems of Autism, and my natural rights were violated by this bully, the town and even its ultimate pillar of education.  Sure I had some good times there like being in the TV Club.  But it wasn’t enough to hide the pain of being bullied.   I hate to quote that Illuminati whore Lady Gaga, but I was born this way.

Quick Hits

Flashback: 2007: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Reported Obama Was Born In Indonesia And Has Islamic Background

There are ZERO records or documents to prove Barry Soetoro aka Obama was ever in Hawaii from birth until age 5. That man is a national security risk while John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the other NWO leeches in Congress sit back and do nothing. The chat in the link above is about another NWO Marxist Hillary Clinton in her battle against Soetoro for the DNC nomination. You can bet your last money a back door deal was done when she more or less stepped aside.

As for the speculation about “her” running for president in 2016, one of Devvy Kidd’s fellow writers at NWVs who has known about the planned destruction of America longer than she has, said this in an email to me after her column about Clinton – paraphrasing: Remember, those who control our elections always have their designated winners and losers. Might very well be Biden because Hillary Clinton is too tainted by Benghazi. The Republicans choice: Jeb Bush. Or Skull and Bones IV.  Which leads me to wonder how “they” could succeed if any amnesty goes through because it will bring at least 8-10 million new Democratic/Communist Party USA voters.

Public School Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places You Could Possibly Put Your Children

Is 4th Grade Sex Education in Wisconsin Public Schools Going To Include Lessons On Masturbation?

Major Battle To Kill ObamaCare Starts Next Week (2:57 second video)

The destruction of America advances while the herds out in America continue to graze on sports, porn, the rancid “pop” culture, shopping and other distractions and addictions:

Quietly, Obama Begins ‘Regionalizing’ America

Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles

“International Monetary Fund told to vacate the country; nation now issuing debt-free money.”

Tepco Must Plan for 132 Olympic-size Pools of Fukushima Radioactive Water – Engineer

Nations across Pacific are fearing impact from Fukushima — Many expecting cancer will increase in Pacific Rim — Japan exporting their environmental problem to the ocean

Radioactive plume to impact West Coast in a year — Not going away after it hits… likely to only get stronger — Fukushima will keep releasing contamination for years to come — Must demand officials test fish and make data public (AUDIO)

Japan Professor compares cesium-137 releases from radiation disasters: Fukushima at up to 77 quadrillion Bq (77 PBq); Chernobyl at 85 quadrillion Bq (85 PBq) — Fukushima releases ongoing

FDA – Don’t Worry About Radioactive Fish From Pacific


McCain Backer Hagee Said Hitler Was Fulfilling God’s Will

“A spokesman for [neo-Christian and neocon John] Hagee confirmed the authenticity of the remark, which can be found at around the 1:08 mark of his sermon “Battle For Jerusalem.”

“Since McCain secured the endorsement, both his campaign and Hagee have been pressed to explain a series of derogatory remarks the Reverend made about the Catholic Church, including his reference to the institution as “the Great Whore.”

And, the rape goes on while the U.S. House of Representatives are on their paid $15,000 month long ‘August recess’. Say, how’s that incumbent working out for everyone?


Where is the constitutional militia? Oh, that’s right. The border states have none thanks to our legislatures:

Officers Warn There’s a War Front Opening Up on the Southern Border

It’s time for me to sound it..

RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!


I am sounding because of this…















Crisis in Syria escalates to red alert, as Russia and China warn the US that military intervention against Assad is a “grave mistake” and will result in “catastrophic consequences”

The British government said Tuesday its military is drawing up plans for a military attack on Syria “within days”

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also held talks with President Obama Tuesday with plans for a military strike against Assad, with Rudd calling this the “world’s greatest political crisis”

These so-called chemical weapon attacks have been orchestrated by the same al-qaeda/FSA rebels the west is arming (that’s right, WE ARE ARMING THEM SO WE CAN DECLARE A FALSE FLAG WAR)! Don’t forget it was exactly last year Obama said the red line for a military attack against Assad would be “chemical weapons” And Assad even warned that the west would blame him with planned events, this is all being orchestrated by the global elite under the guise of the FSA rebels who are really al-quada radicals run by western intelligence.

The global elite are trying to put the US creation al-qaeda in control of Syria, the end game…to create a unified Middle East largely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood who are armed by western and British  intelligence. A united Middle East controlled by international mega banks and run by radical Jiahdies funded by the west will more readily become part of their NWO.

And the politicians will ignore the will of the people who warn of not going into Syria.  Meanwhile, Obama continues his dictatorial rule by NOT following the Constitution.   And as expected he has the backing of his Mockingbird lackies in the Fascist media, namely Chuck Todd of NBC/GE/Comcast/Universal/MSNWO.

Meanwhile Infowars reports what Obama and company are doing is and should be grounds for arrest, not impeachment as, much to the chagrin of the neocons talkers out there, you cannot impeach an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT.

As a reminder, let us consider Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution. It states: “Congress shall have power to… declare War,” not the president. As an example of how far we’ve wandered from the original intent of the framers, Doe v. Bush decided that congressional authorization suffices for declaration.

The last constitutionally valid declaration of war occurred in December 8, 1941, when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a declaration of war against Japan following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

All wars since have been unconstitutional.

The last line, much to the chagrin of the warhawks.