Palin speaks out

The former Alaska governor and possible Senate wannabe spoke to Fox News Friday night and she said she was forbidden from telling the truth about Obama In 2008 when she was in the race with John McCain representing the Republican side of the elites.

UPDATE: Fox News’ Greta Van Sustern admits the media suck just as Palin unloaded on Obama et al.

UPDATE 2: Michael Savage goes birther?


A warning from an oathkeeper

From Oathkeeper GMaine’s Facebook…

I’m so tired of hearing about the left-wing extremist, The right wing extremist, Black gangs, Racist white people, The terrible tea party, The so-called militia groups.

Nice try Southern poverty Law Center and mainstream media. The truth is the real extremist are in Washington. And they have reached their tentacles all the way down into town boards and county executives.

That’s right some of the real extremist are saying what they’re told to say using the cameras working for the mainstream media.

And then of course the biggest extremist of them all are in Washington. You dirt bags in Washington have lost your place, lost your way, lost your morals, and would be just fine losing your country as long as you can continue to live in luxury.

And for all you so-called conservative Republicans who think it is the Democrats that are doing this just take a look at Lindsey Graham and John McCain for starters.

And for all you Democrats who think it’s the fault of the Republicans just take a look at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid “Need I say more”

Right now there should be no white or black people. No Democrats or Republican people.There should only be “We The People” and we should be coming together as Americans to stand against tyranny.

And all you oath takers should be honoring your oath to defend and support the Constitution.


More lies exposed

And doing the exposing of military veterans who have been in essence abused by this administration and are prisoners of an illegal war Sharon Rondeau, editor of the subscription blog Post and Email, based here in CT.  And she is speaking to Carl Gallups on WEBY radio in Pensacola, FL.

Quick Hits

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If your member of Congress voted for the NDAA they must be defeated in the upcoming primaries!!!!!!!!!!

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“We’ve just become a military dictatorship”

Victory: San Antonio Public School Officials End RFID Tracking Program – It’s a victory because parents put their foot down.

Iron County Utah Tells Feds – Don’t Try to Enforce Gun Laws Here


Defiant Single Mom of 15 Jailed: Tells Court, “Give Me What I Need and Leave Me Alone.”

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Some big videos

I usually disagree with NJ Democrat Rush Holt, but in this interview with RT, Holt did his patriotic duty, by creating a bill that would in essence get rid of the Patriot Act.

The two men who may be called the biggest, loudest mouths in talk radio Alex Jones and Mancow Muller, have their summit on Obama and the fascist elites’ attack on talk radio

REAL journalist Wayne Madsen spoke to Infowars on the current scandals, murders, and thievery that our current government is heading up. From Benghazi to Snowden and criminality In between Wayne covers a wide array of subjects. But There is hope if we speak out and get real with our situation,

Seattle’s former police chief Norman Stamper talks about the epic fail that is the war on drugs with Alex Jones.

Mark Dice comments on Faux News’ reporting on the death of Michael Hastings. but instead of mentioning the NSA using the technique to murder Hastings, they, at the hands of globalists Murdoch and Bin Talaal, they say “Al Qaeda” may do it to Americans on the freeway…AL QAEDA IS CIA FAUX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now with a different look at the news, here’s Brother Nathanael.

To those in Congress

Especially the neocon/PNAC members who voted to still keep us in the Stasi police state going after the boogeymen known as al-Qaeda…THIS REMINDER…




A definite 80’s channel 5 flashback

I make no qualms about the fact I am a huge Popeye fan.  I have his theatrical cartoons, all black and white except for three twenty minute color cartoons on DVD.  Well my first view of Popeye was during the 1980’s when every afternoon at about 2:30 or 3:00 depending on what time WNEW-TV (now Fox-owned WNYW) Channel 5 aired him.  It was mainly the 1960’s made for TV shorts that aired mixed in with the color theatricals from Famous Studios, which bought the rights to Popeye’s Paramount cartoons from the Fleischer brothers in the early 1940’s.

After Popeye’s time in theaters ran out in 1957, his cartoons were sold to Associated Artists Prodcutions (AAP) and plastered all over TV, especially in New York, at first on WPIX Channel 11 with Captain Jack McCarthy as host.  Well, because of the second run of the spinach eating superman, the people at Paramount decided to get involved in some way with a new series of Popeye cartoons.  Instead, the series was sold to King Features Syndicate (now Hearst) under Executive Producer Al Brodax.  The new series of cartoons featured the voices of Jack Mercer as Popeye, who took over for Bill Costello in 1934, Mae Questal as Olive Oyl and as Brutus (nee Bluto) Jackson Beck, known as the narrator for the Adventures of Superman radio program and countless voice jobs.

Here comes Popeye!

The new cartoons also bought in some of the old Thimble theater characters like Rough House, Geezil and the Sea Hag in addition to Swee’ Pea and Eugene the Jeep. Other studios followed Famous/Paramount Cartoon Studios in the Popeye series; Jack Kinney Productions, Rembrandt Films (William L. Snyder and Gene Deitch), Larry Harmon Productions, Halas and Batchelor, and Southern Star Entertainment (formerly Southern Star Productions).

And now people of this generation have a chance to see what Popeye in the 60’s was about through a two-DVD set from Warner Archive called Popeye the Sailor: The 1960s Classics Volume One .  But it is ONLY available through Warner Archive although this author got the DVD from Critics’ Choice Video which carries some Warner Archive titles. Technically this is a DVD-R release, and does not contain any special features other than the menu.  Then again not much is expected out of a made for TV cartoon except for Hanna Barbera and their titles.  The films, while not pristine are redone to make them look watchable and enjoyable.  Audio is good on this set.  The first disc contains the Paramount Studios cartoons featuring the great musical arrangement of Winston Sharples.

The second disc continues the PS cartoons, but then in the last nine goes into the other studios, which the writer hopes to see those other films on a second DVD set.  The animation quality varies and with the other studios.  The total number of shorts in this first set is 72 (36 in each DVD).  Popeye fans like yours truly will like it.  Also anyone who remembers their days growing up watching Popeye on channel 5 in New York, or KTTV 11 in LA, WLVI 56 Boston or WFLD 32 Chicago or any other station that carried these cartoons will enjoy this set despite the limited animation seen.  There is a certain charm about them.  This writer can only hope the charm can continue with not only the 60’s cartoons, but also with the color theatricals from 1944 to 1957.