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NSA Spokesman Accidentally Admits that the Government Is Spying On Virtually All Americans

NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say

New DHS Headquarters is Largest Construction Project in GSA History, But at What Cost

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Motive and Intent Irrelevant! State of Oregon Attacks

MSNBC Host Wears Tampons Against Texas’ abortion bill to save unborn babies 20 weeks and older

Dying vet’s ‘f*ck you’ letter to George Bush & Dick Cheney needs to be read by every American

Conservatives Tremble at the Knees when Liberal Leaders Challenge Them: Why? (It’s the truth)

Woman, 93, raped and beaten by illegal dies

13-year-old girl raped by more than a dozen illegals in Texas

The Bell Tolls for the ‘New Majority’

If your member of Congress voted for the NDAA they must be defeated in the upcoming primaries!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Hedges: NDAA Lawsuit Update

“We’ve just become a military dictatorship”

Victory: San Antonio Public School Officials End RFID Tracking Program – It’s a victory because parents put their foot down.

Iron County Utah Tells Feds – Don’t Try to Enforce Gun Laws Here


Defiant Single Mom of 15 Jailed: Tells Court, “Give Me What I Need and Leave Me Alone.”

Welfare Kills the Human Spirit

How Welfare Reform Was Murdered In The Dark

CL Bryant: Why I left the NAACP

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Smart Meters Blow Appliances

Smart Meter and Electromagnetic Radiation: Another Health Crisis Of Our Time

No More Privacy: Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices That Monitor The Behavior In Your Home Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day

Some big videos

I usually disagree with NJ Democrat Rush Holt, but in this interview with RT, Holt did his patriotic duty, by creating a bill that would in essence get rid of the Patriot Act.

The two men who may be called the biggest, loudest mouths in talk radio Alex Jones and Mancow Muller, have their summit on Obama and the fascist elites’ attack on talk radio

REAL journalist Wayne Madsen spoke to Infowars on the current scandals, murders, and thievery that our current government is heading up. From Benghazi to Snowden and criminality In between Wayne covers a wide array of subjects. But There is hope if we speak out and get real with our situation,

Seattle’s former police chief Norman Stamper talks about the epic fail that is the war on drugs with Alex Jones.

Mark Dice comments on Faux News’ reporting on the death of Michael Hastings. but instead of mentioning the NSA using the technique to murder Hastings, they, at the hands of globalists Murdoch and Bin Talaal, they say “Al Qaeda” may do it to Americans on the freeway…AL QAEDA IS CIA FAUX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now with a different look at the news, here’s Brother Nathanael.

To those in Congress

Especially the neocon/PNAC members who voted to still keep us in the Stasi police state going after the boogeymen known as al-Qaeda…THIS REMINDER…




A definite 80’s channel 5 flashback

I make no qualms about the fact I am a huge Popeye fan.  I have his theatrical cartoons, all black and white except for three twenty minute color cartoons on DVD.  Well my first view of Popeye was during the 1980’s when every afternoon at about 2:30 or 3:00 depending on what time WNEW-TV (now Fox-owned WNYW) Channel 5 aired him.  It was mainly the 1960’s made for TV shorts that aired mixed in with the color theatricals from Famous Studios, which bought the rights to Popeye’s Paramount cartoons from the Fleischer brothers in the early 1940’s.

After Popeye’s time in theaters ran out in 1957, his cartoons were sold to Associated Artists Prodcutions (AAP) and plastered all over TV, especially in New York, at first on WPIX Channel 11 with Captain Jack McCarthy as host.  Well, because of the second run of the spinach eating superman, the people at Paramount decided to get involved in some way with a new series of Popeye cartoons.  Instead, the series was sold to King Features Syndicate (now Hearst) under Executive Producer Al Brodax.  The new series of cartoons featured the voices of Jack Mercer as Popeye, who took over for Bill Costello in 1934, Mae Questal as Olive Oyl and as Brutus (nee Bluto) Jackson Beck, known as the narrator for the Adventures of Superman radio program and countless voice jobs.

Here comes Popeye!

The new cartoons also bought in some of the old Thimble theater characters like Rough House, Geezil and the Sea Hag in addition to Swee’ Pea and Eugene the Jeep. Other studios followed Famous/Paramount Cartoon Studios in the Popeye series; Jack Kinney Productions, Rembrandt Films (William L. Snyder and Gene Deitch), Larry Harmon Productions, Halas and Batchelor, and Southern Star Entertainment (formerly Southern Star Productions).

And now people of this generation have a chance to see what Popeye in the 60’s was about through a two-DVD set from Warner Archive called Popeye the Sailor: The 1960s Classics Volume One .  But it is ONLY available through Warner Archive although this author got the DVD from Critics’ Choice Video which carries some Warner Archive titles. Technically this is a DVD-R release, and does not contain any special features other than the menu.  Then again not much is expected out of a made for TV cartoon except for Hanna Barbera and their titles.  The films, while not pristine are redone to make them look watchable and enjoyable.  Audio is good on this set.  The first disc contains the Paramount Studios cartoons featuring the great musical arrangement of Winston Sharples.

The second disc continues the PS cartoons, but then in the last nine goes into the other studios, which the writer hopes to see those other films on a second DVD set.  The animation quality varies and with the other studios.  The total number of shorts in this first set is 72 (36 in each DVD).  Popeye fans like yours truly will like it.  Also anyone who remembers their days growing up watching Popeye on channel 5 in New York, or KTTV 11 in LA, WLVI 56 Boston or WFLD 32 Chicago or any other station that carried these cartoons will enjoy this set despite the limited animation seen.  There is a certain charm about them.  This writer can only hope the charm can continue with not only the 60’s cartoons, but also with the color theatricals from 1944 to 1957.

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BREAKING! Mike Zullo reveals MEDIA THREATENED over Obama Birth Certificate!Western Journalism

Hawaii Elections Official Signed Sworn Affidavit That Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Doesn’t Exist

The Weakest Link

Now that Malloy has taken Connecticut thanks to his welfare, union and media zombie votes and turned this state into one of the worst to live in, one would think the GOP would have a shot at recapturing the governor’s mansion.  Well if you ask this writer, given how Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield is among the first to throw his hat in the ring, he may be THE WEAKEST of all candidates.

The Danbury News Times and Hearst CT Newspapers article on McKinney, son of the late Senator Stuart McKinney who died of AIDS in 1987 from tainted blood received in 1979 due to heart surgery, though reports are he may have been bisexual, does not mention anything about guns or Sandy Hook for that matter.

The people at the Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League on their Facebook page and blog has said Mckinney “lives in his own little dreamworld where gun owners don’t mind the new gun control laws that he helped write (those same laws that CCDL and other gun rights groups are working hard to overturn), and we don’t vote.”

Bob Ferguson with CCDL wants to invite former GOP nominee Tom Foley of Greenwich to one of their meetings. He said some past comments Foley has made puts him and CCDL on the fence.  But it’s clear CCDL has no room in its books for McKinney.

“If we can show him the huge amount of support that there is for gun rights, he might listen. These Republican[s] have to be shown that although gun owners might not win them the election, our lack of support will guarantee that they lose! McKinney is toast!” Ferguson said.

CCDL has not forgotten how most in the General Assembly thanks to the emotional string pulling as a result of the staged terror attack at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, voted to allow Connecticut to have the toughest gun laws in the nation, despite it being one of all 50 states allowing Conceal Carry (Last week Illinois became the 50th and final state in the union to allow CC).

The blog is also calling on Republicans to contact the CT GOP chairman and State Central Committee reps. saying gun owners are unhappy with McKinney. Just how unhappy?

If the CTGOP wants 4 more years of Malloy, go ahead and put up McKinney because gun owners would rather keep Malloy in office than reward McKinney. We’re that mad.

That folks is mad.

So can Foley get the job done?  Well he is a businessman from Greenwich, home to Goldman Sachs Rep disguised as a Democrat James Himes and some very weak-kneed Republicans who like their national party would be considered Democrat Lite so I am not holding up much hope unless people like Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell or Thomas Woods comes by this mess of a state and revive the Yankee spirit.

Guns and the second amendment should be a key issue in this election, economy second.  And this author can only hope some will at least TRY remember two important events this year.

The pro 2nd Amendment rally in Hartford.

And the special election of Sam Belsito in the district once represented by Nancy Wyman.

If not, then CT’s GOP enters the dustbin of history.

Oh and as to my picks for Governor…

If the state’s Libertarian Party can bring someone on and FORCE the statist corporate fascist media to let him or her in on the game show circus called a debate.



One more thing, I think CT should be given the power to recall any elected official who is not doing their job or abusing their power.  The following should be considered…

Governor/Lt Governor


Member of Congress

Mayor/First Selectman


There is too much corruption in this state, though maybe not on the level of Illinois or California, but the people must be allowed to raise their voices in protest.  This is has been and always must be about We the People, not We the Elite or We the Corporations.

UPDATE: The Examiner is following this on their website.

Another reason for me to move to New Hampshire

And yes to all you sheeple who follow the royal creature the newest generation of Nazi sympathizers, I HAVE A MESSAGE FROM THE FREE STATERS!

New Hampshire never has, nor ever will have a royal baby. The last royal governor of New Hampshire was scared away from New Hampshire before the Revolutionary War started and the British have never returned.


And so it begins?

Birther Report is reporting, as the corporate fascist media is running breathless over the birth of the newest alien, nee the so-called royal baby, in the REAL NEWS department, Carl Gallups reported in a radio interview with Christian radio station WORQ in Green Bay, WI, several top congressman are claiming they are involved in the Obama ID Fraud Investigation.  Names have yet to be dropped because of possible ramifications.



First Brother Nathanael he exposed the Jews who run America…This is something bound to get goyims like Schlussel, Spencer, Gellar and AIPAC’s pink lace thong undies to ride up their asses!

And also Alex Jones, who yesterday spoke to one of the few black men who get it…PASTOR DAVID MANNING!


Birther justice?

It looks like someone with ties to Obama supporting law firm Perkins Coie has jumped ship to help the birthers as a big case in Alabama looms near.

Western Center for Journalism reports…as they call this a catch-22…

There have been many lawsuits challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President—most based on the fact that Obama is not a natural born citizen, his father being a Kenyan. Other lawsuits challenge the validity of Obama’s PDF long-form birth certificate, riddled with strange anomalies like multiple layers and eight different fonts.

The lawsuits have all crashed and burned in flames for two reasons: 1. The court hearing the lawsuits have treated the cases as a joke instead of a valid question of Constitutional requirements. And 2. The plaintiffs haven’t had Reed Hayes on their side.


Reed Hayes is a forensic document expert. In a long, scathing forty page report on Obama/Soeetoro’s birth certificate prepared for the upcoming eligibility lawsuit before the Alabama Supreme Court, Hayes concludes:

Based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources. In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.

Bold–writer’s emphasis.
There is a lot of irony in all this.  Hayes once worked for Perkins Coie.
And just to add some visual stimulation to things…