The Sheriff and the pastor

Today on WEBY Radio, Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke to Carl Gallups about the identity fraud regarding Obama/Soetoro.  But there have been some monkey wrenches thrown into the works.

For starters,  Sheriff Arpaio interview HERE. HOWEVER, Texas Rep. Stockman was forced to reschedule (was he threatened by Thugocracy, Inc.?).  however, there was a backup plan…Mike Zullo took the spot AUDIO HERE.

In the interviews, Gallups, Arpaio and Zullo talked about how Federal Law was violated in the scandal – AUDIO HERE.

The Mianus River Bridge Collapse…30 years later

The author of this post was 9 when one of CT’s great disasters happened. My mom remembers hearing all the helicopters as they flew over that span. Now as a driver for over 20 years, if I have to drive on that bridge, well I make the sign of the cross hoping I go across it.

The bridge, now called The Michael Morano Bridge had a pin and hanger connection fail on it the morning of June 28th 1983.  The cause of the collapse was found to be years of mother nature leading to rust, poor DOT inspections and the pin and hanger assemblies are what one report from Wisconsin called fracture critical. And this was the result.

From News 12

Three people were killed on I-95 when they were caught on the bridge when it fell.  This was one of if the first really big story Cablevision News 12 covered as it signed on the air a few months prior in 1982.

Facebook has a group called You Know You’re From Greenwich Ct If… Some posters chimed in with their thoughts and stories on this event aside from your not so humble correspondent.

Georganne Hansen said “I remember getting up that morning to an early phone call from my co-worker who had all the facts wrong. Heard the helicopters and saw a couple of them sitting on the highway. It was a crazy morning. I think it took me an hour and a half to get up to New Canaan which is where I was working at the time.”

Elizabeth Varney added this tale of when someone she knew averted disaster.

“A friend of mine was driving over With his kids after a baseball game in New York And the kids were waving to the truck behind them when all of a sudden the truck disappeared. They think it was the meat truck that fell in the water and the meat was floating around Originally thought to be bodies” she said.

Virginia Ritch Woods said she was a toll collector working that night.  She called it “eerie.”

And as a fatal accident occurred this morning near exit 2 involving a tractor trailer, Judy Goss had some serious flashbacks.

“This morning I work up in Greenwich to the humming of helicopters! REALLY! It felt like I was right back on that morning. This a.m. there was a fatal accident on 95 between exits 2 and 3. Horrible coincidence” she said.

The Greenwich Time in today’s paper said not enough lessons have come from this.  This after a recent report came out saying most of the nation’s bridges are structurally deficient.

Quick Hits

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Church Militant reports on a major developing scandal of a homosexual prostitution ring involving clergy from Rome and possible involvement in Satanic groups near the Holy City.  Reporting for Church Militant is Michael Voris.

This on the heels of the Supreme Court which in essence has allowed homosexual so-called marriage.

Someting the neocons must admit to

A “libertarian uprising” is the their worst nightmare because it would put an end to their wanting America to become an empire like Rome…and of course empires fall in flames.  This uprising should also put an end to their control of the GOP – their only route to power. Their hysteria is justified: many conservatives, faced with the imminent bankruptcy of the country they love, are in open rebellion against the horrifically costly foreign policy of global intervention.

So just what would be the neocons’ worst case scenario?  Believe it or not Kentucky Senator Rand Paul captures the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 by fusing a rising libertarian Republican movement with independent and younger voters – and then going on to duplicate his victory in November.

But neocons are the only ones in this.  Those in the establishment left and so-called “centrists” have their own reasons for fearing the Libertarian Uprising: like the neocons, the left-regimists over at MSNBC (or MSNWO as your not-so humble correspondent calls that channel) have a reason to loathe libertarianism whether on the right or the left. In opposing what late libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard dubbed the “welfare-warfare state,” an organized and growing libertarian movement poses a deadly threat to the “centrist” non-aggression pact represented in that ABC panel of “experts.”

While jack jawing over the details, the two parties have basically agreed not to seriously threaten the perks, privileges, and highly profitable projects of the other. In Dan Senor’s world, the “center” consists of those who have agreed to disagree on domestic policy but are united in their unconditional support for the Empire – a foreign policy of endless international meddling and perpetual war.

Justin Raimundo and Anti-War provided some of this commentary in the following article.

All this also while ultra-leftist/NWO loving groups like the SPLC call the Tea Party the top terror threat in the US.  At least those people who support the George Soros/Bilderberg/CFR/Trialteral Commission backed Illegal Alien President Obama!

A special Breaking the Set

Two journalists without any agenda except the truth, Ben Swann and RT’s Abby Martin meet on Breaking The Set.  WARNING…you will be exposed to pro-abortion propaganda and pro-homosexual “rights” propaganda in this.  Go to 15:19 for the good stuff.

Here she goes again

Orly Taitz is sticking it where it don’t belong.  And now it seems Chief Mark Kessler has been THREATENED by Thugocracy, Inc.!

Video HERE.

Birther Report has reached out to Sheriff Arpaio’s lead investigator Mike Zullo for his response to Chief Kessler’s allegations. Stay tuned.

The time for squabbles and threats is not now!  WE HAVE A REPUBLIC TO RESUSCITATE!