Three hours you MUST listen to…and watch

From last night’s Hagmann and Hagmann report on BTR and other internet outlets.  Last night the father and son investigative team had Ricky Ray.a former member of several secret societies who changed his life and is now a believer in Jesus Christ.  Mr. Ray will be discussing several occult NWO tactics used to manipulate populations and the terrible influence they wield. This former insider will be discussing  false flags as well as the satanism in music and entertainment used to push the masses toward a one world system.  NOW SEE IF EXTRA, ET, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD AND OMG INSIDER AND THE E! NETWORK TRY AND TALK ABOUT THAT!


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What’s the buzz?

Hillbuzz that is.  Kevin DuJan, a frequent guest on Blog Talk Radio and blogger at Hillbuzz, has posted an article as to so-called missing hours regarding Benghazi.

Citing a Rich Lowry Politico article, DuJan makes his accusations from there.

If you’ve ever known anyone who is a drug addict, you’d see it’s obvious that Barack Obama was high on cocaine the night of Benghazi; it is the only logical explanation for his disappearance and the White House’s refusal to comment on what he was doing at the time.  Since this was a night of great crisis for our country, the only logical reason that the White House won’t explain where the president was is if this man was high as a kite on illegal narcotics at the time.

Lowry did a great job in his article fleshing out the last time Obama was seen on September 11th of last year…and then noting when he reappeared again the next day, briefly, before jetting off to fabulous Las Vegas for a fun-and-games fundraiser event he had scheduled there (where, it also should be noted, not only Chippendales but also Thunder From Down Under male revues are regularly held…which certainly establishes the appeal of heading to Las Vegas instead of managing a national crisis back in Washington for this particular president).

According to Lowry’s timeline:

* Obama appeared sober on 9/11/12 at 5pm EST when he met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey.  I have never been able to shake the feeling that Barack Obama was woefully disappointed when he learned that Gen. Dempsey has nothing to do with either marijuana or penises in his capacity as the Chairman of the “Joint” Chiefs of “Staff”.  But, I presume he would not have done cocaine before meeting with these two military men.  Obama appears to have been still functional and ambulatory at 5pm that day.

* Lowry says that Obama learned of the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens at this meeting…before Obama disappeared for many hours. These are the mystery “missing hours” that the White House refuses to talk about.

* Obama next emerged from cloister at 10pm EST 9/11/12 when he spoke with Hillary Clinton; it’s not stated if this was in person or if it was on the phone, but it sure feels like Obama was out of his mind on drugs when this happened.  Clinton would never bust him on this (because she can never say a bad word about this man if she wants to secure the black vote in 2016), but even people on a late-80s-Wall-Street-grade binge of cocaine can talk on the phone for a few minutes. I’m sure when Obama was speaking to her that he imagined she’d morphed into some sort of dragon or a Hydra from Greek Mythology…because she probably read him the riot act over being on drugs when the Benghazi debacle was happening.

Later on, DuJan analyzes…

After reading Lowry’s article, my good friend Justine in California emailed me to ask whether I thought Obama was having sex with Reggie Love during the “missing hours” and if that’s where he was. Justine was an actress and model in Los Angeles back in the late-1970s and ran in the same circles as friends of closeted gay men like Rock Hudson…so her first instinct with Obama and Benghazi is that he and Reggie Love were getting at it and Obama didn’t want to be disturbed.

I think Obama doing cocaine is a much better explanation for his missing hours, simply because at his age and with all the men he’s been with it’s not like he couldn’t just stop romancing Reggie for a little bit…and then get back to it when they were in Vegas.  I know the stereotype of gay guys is that we’re all sex-crazed and can’t control ourselves, but even the biggest gay sexual glutton in the world can pull himself away from a hot guy long enough to take care of something important (if need be).  It’s not like this would have been the first time that Barack Obama was having gay sex…so surely he could have pushed “pause” to be president for a while (before getting back to whatever he was up to when the crisis was over).

However, once you take drugs you are pretty much on another astral plane for however long it takes for the drugs to leave your system.  I’ve sadly watched a lot of incredible people in the nightlife scene ruin their lives with cocaine over the years, and once these people got high they stayed high until the drugs metabolized enough for them to function.  In fact, a few years ago I dated a day trader here in Chicago who (unbeknownst to me at first) would use cocaine in the evening when he came home from work…and he’d process the drugs in his system enough to be back at his office early the next morning. Unless you really knew what to look for, this guy seemed totally normal in the morning…but he could not function or be responsible for anything overnight while the drugs were racing through his system.


Alex Jones WAS NOT the first to expose Bildberberg

Not even the late Jim Tucker could do what a woman did in 1957.  She happened to come across their meeting and tipped off a columnist named Westbrook Pegler. Mark Dice explains.

Will action finally start to be taken?

As this writer recovers from a cold thanks to the up and down temperatures in his hellhole home state, comes word via Birther Report stating U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas) could serve as a witness to Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio’s evidence of Obama/Soetoro’s fraudulent papers at an upcoming conference with Sheriff Richard Mack sponsored by Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association set for May 31st in Missouri. He is slotted to speak for 20 minutes. The CSPOA’s agenda schedule for the conference includes Stockman and other notable figures.

Former Cold Case member Brian Reilly first initiated the movement to get Sheriff Arpaio of to investigate Obama’s identity document fraud, offered this bit of help.

For sometime now radio personality Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo have been hyping a meeting with VIPs and people of standing to look at the evidence that the Cold Case Posse developed regarding President Obama’s long form birth certificate. Is this the event that we’ve been waiting for? How will this event result in a criminal complaint being filed in Arizona with the proper authorities? We can only hope that there will be something more that comes out of this conference than a 20 minute speech by Lt. Commander Zullo. With probable cause determined by the MCSO CCP nearly 14 months ago, that felony crimes were committed regarding the Obama birth certificate and his Selective Service System registration form, why hasn’t a criminal complaint been filed by the MCSO CCP in Arizona? Hopefully, something meaningful will be accomplished by Zullo in Missouri at the end of this month. A meaningful conclusion to this investigation would be a welcome here in Arizona. Good luck Mike! Time for a criminal complaint to be filed.” [  ] – Brian Reilly

HOWEVER, this needs to be taken with a grain of salt…

Although BR/ORYR agrees with much of what Mr. Reilly says and raises, and would very much love to see one filed, I don’t really see how filing a criminal complaint will somehow change the minds of the folks receiving the criminal complaint. Plus the media would ignore it. Not to mention the fact that Mike Zullo just days ago explained why they would not be filing a complaint in the coming weeks. I would suggest all reading this post click here to hear the exact words from Mike Zullo on this subject. This is not to defend Zullo but the fact is he already addressed it numerous times and folks keeping raising it. Team Arpaio believes it is Congress who has the proper authority to deal with it. Whether people like that answer or not that is the reality of the situation.

If you ask me Congress should be FORCED to do this.  Congress is supposed to be our employees and we pay their salary through illegal taxes.  If they refuse to do their job…THEY WILL BE FIRED.  It may take an Orange Revolution to figure this out.


A 9/11 widow and her lawyer were sanctioned by a corrupt judge.

Relating back to an article on the blog Liberty Fight

The court’s decision filed Wednesday chides California Attorney Bruce Leichty and Appellant Ellen Mariani. The suit goes after Leichty for making “personal slurs against Judge Hellerstein and his family” and alleges “In fact, on closer observation, Leichty’s real argument is that Judge Hellerstein cannot be impartial because he is Jewish.”

Martin Hill writing for Liberty Fight, in an article posted at Veterans Today

Our October 2012 run-down ‘9/11 Widow Faces Sanctions For Objecting To Judges Israeli Ties‘ was dubbed an “excellent article” by the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund and explains how the 9/11 widow and her lawyer were threatened with sanctions for “deeply troubling personal slurs” against U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein (A Clinton nominee by the way).

This should eventually lead to Alternative media forcing real issues into national news coverage

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WFSB meets false flag

From Channel 3’s Facebook


A Message from WFSB Vice President and General Manager, Klarn DePalma:

Tonight, Channel 3 Eyewitness News did not broadcast our 5:00 or 5:30 newscasts.
We were not able to do so because our building was evacuated after a bomb-threat was made against our station.

The Rocky Hill police searched our facility and it was deemed safe to go back inside. In a matter of minutes, we were able to bring you Eyewitness News at 6 o’clock. The safety of our employees is our top priority.

The investigation is ongoing and WFSB has expressed to the police that we take this matter extremely seriously and it is our hope that the person or persons involved will be caught, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I also want to thank the Rocky Hill Police and Fire Departments for their swift response.
They were professional and we trust will be successful in their investigation. One last thank you goes to the friends of WFSB, our viewers. We received immeasurable phone calls, emails and Facebook messages wishing us well and sending us good thoughts.

Thank you, so very much. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.


The station was able to broadcast the 6pm news.

The enemies list grows

Dreams From My Real Father Director Joel Gilbert Audited By IRS; Crimes Committed.  Carl Gallups talks about this on his Freedom Friday program

Alex and the pastor

In this case, 2008 POTUS candidate for the Constitution Party Chuck Baldwin