The Rally

The Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League along with Oathkeepers held their big rally near the steps of the capitol in Hartford Saturday. Their Facebook page has posted some pictures of the event taken on a more fall-like day rather than spring-like.  But despite the clouds and some showers Friday evening, the event carried on.

The rally cry this week in New England has been Boston Strong  Well on this day it was CONSTITUTION Strong.

Some founding father science dropped here…Ben Franklin in case you need to know.

However there were some other parties interested…

Yes it’s a cop.  But from what some of the people have said on the CCDL’s Facebook it seemed like they wanted to join in the support as well.  Judy Aron said “The Capitol Police were terrific.. they were very accommodating and pleasant… I get the impression they are on our side.”

“Most police I’ve spoken with are on our side” Judah Thomas echoed.

“The best part (for me) were the nods of approval from the Capitol police when topics were brought up. You could tell so easily that they agree with us”. William Shields added.

But the sign of the event went to this one which took a big shot at Connecticut gun grabbing governor Dan Malloy.

While Malloy was Mayor of Stamford, his son, Ben, got into legal trouble.  Media reports in 2009 had Ben Malloy arrested in Darien on robbery and possession of marijuana charges.  Ironically enough, Connecticut now wants to make medicinal pot legal, yet still keep the state in the failed war on drugs.  But instead of trying to focus on his family, Malloy takes advantage of an extremely weak establishment run GOP led by Tom Foley and former Governor Jodi Rell and runs for and wins the Governor’s seat.

After Sandy Hook, which many in the alternative media have labeled a false flag, Malloy called for legislation to in essence confiscate guns.  The bill was passed in both chambers of the General Assembly and signed into law by Malloy.

Last week on WFSB’s Face The State, Dennis House spoke to Peter Sachs a Branford lawyer who said state lawmakers made a key mistake in their rush to get the bill passed, which could mean they would have to start over again. Sachs said a state statute requires the speaker of the house and senate president to provide the facts in writing as to why an emergency certification is needed, something Sachs says Speaker Brendan Sharkey and Senate President Donald Williams never did.  There has been no action on this story as of yet.

Back to the rally…

There was SOME media coverage of this event.  Stories on this rally will be looked at and criticized.  Any ones that show bias against the US Constitution will render the media in this state in the opinion of this writer as irrelevant. one of the first came from CT Now, the web portal of The Hartford Courant and WTIC-TV Fox CT.  And already there was one mistake in the report regarding CCDL.

“According to its website, the CCDL is a non-partisan, grassroots organization that was formed in 2009 and advocates for the right to keep and bear arms in Connecticut. It has about 2,000 current members.”

When the article was posted by this author to the CCDL Facebook, reaction was immediate.  There are about three times the amount the article, written by Kelly Glista, reported.  Also the report of hundreds in attendance is a second strike.  There were according to some of the pictures a good few thousand.

At the event was former radio newsman and victim to the Communist train that is New Haven uber-Communist Rosa DeLauro Wayne Winsley, who is an uber-CONSERVATIVE and a motivational speaker. His new project called “Brave Enough To Fail”.

As far as the zombie nation feeders called the corporate media…

WTNH News 8 led their Saturday 6:00 newscast with a deadly gun shooting in where else, Malloy’s hometown of Stamford, thus proving how disgusting the “If it bleeds, it leads” mantra of the corporate media is.  The rally was the 3rd story on News 8’s cast.  The station spoke to Ali McKean who said criminals will resort to something else to get their jollies.  The report from the LIN-owned ABC affiliate, though a squib by this author’s standards, was fair.

WVIT NBC 30 in a super squib with no comments in the 6:10 hour of their newscast said those in attendance were part of a challenge to CT’s new gun law.  A bit far fetched, yet accurate.  The story in the newscast took as long as a typical TV commercial.

Not appearing was WFSB Channel 3.  Kind of bizarre given how in the 1990’s the station aired Rush Limbaugh’s television show.  Then again, MSNBC/MSNWO presstitute and daughter of globalist kingpin Zbigniew Brzenzski, Mika, once worked at channel 3 in the 1990’s.

Also speaking at the rally was CT Attorney General nominee Martha Dean.  The libertarian leaning Republican lost to leftist George Jepsen in the “election” in 2010.

Now as a man, I do not really like pink.  But I’ll make an exception if the cause is right.  Take Cheryl Lemos for example.  She is a Tea Party patriot and the Membership Coordinator of CCDL.  And early on in her speech, she does take the Hartford Tribune/Courant to task.

By the way there WERE some people from Newtown at the rally.  But the presence of one Bill Stevens and his family turns the media and government on its head.

One of the main speakers was John Lott, author of many books, most notably More Guns, Less Crime and The Bias Against Guns, as shown below.

And here in two parts is Lott’s part of the rally



But the star was Rhodes.  YouTube channel Palin Smith, a figure in the CT Tea Party, recorded his appearance when the fascist corporate Marxist media will not.  In his speech, Rhodes stresses the importance of every individual’s participation in defense of his own town and what the 2nd Amendment really means.


PART 2..Administering the oath with former CT trooper Jim Bleidner

To wrap up this report is Mike Vanderboegh, a cancer survivor from Alabama…AND THE MAN WHO EXPOSED FAST AND FURIOUS much to the chagrin of the global elites in the media and groups like the ultra left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.

To which the leftist Journal Media rag the New Haven Register said

Vanderborgh is known for his incendiary rhetoric, posting a blog last November, “VOTE: At least later on you can say you tried everything else before you were forced to shoot people in righteous self-defense of life and liberty.”

When national health care passed in 2010, he told his followers that “if you wish to send a message that (former Speaker Nancy) Pelosi and her party cannot fail to hear, break their windows.” This did happen at Democratic Party offices across the country and in a Washington Post story, Vanderboegh said: “Glad to know people read my blog.”

And as for Lott, more rhetoric from the official newspaper of communists like DeLauro and de facto New Haven mayor, the friend of illegals Juan Carlos Perez de Cuellar DeStefano…

Lott is a controversial figure whose methodology for his book has been widely discredited by other academicians. He also created an imaginary former student named “Mary Rosh” which would appear in comment sections defending him. Lott was also unable to produce the data behind a survey where he found 98 percent of defensive gun uses involved only brandishing a weapon.

CONTROVERSIAL?!  Yeah to the leftist enclave of New Haven and all the zombies who live there. Print media is failing everywhere…and this example of NWO bias proves how irrelevant papers like the Register have now become.

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