Is the tide rolling?

I make reference to the University of Alabama Crimson tide as there have been some developments regarding the eligibility case.  Emphasis on developments.

Birther Report has info including from Mara Zebest with regards to three copies of Obama/Soetoro’s fake papers.

A PDF copy posted by the obot Jack Ryan (of the notorious Obot faction Fogbow) shows a completely different background with a diamond pattern (pg 33) and it opens up with hundreds of layers.

Speaking of Zebest, she was asked about this…

“The fact that the document displays another permutation of the Obama birth certificate should come as no surprise. In fact, this recent variation actually proves the argument that the layers displayed in the White House PDF released as Obama’s “official” birth certificate file — are in fact — a big F***ing deal (to quote Joe Biden). This variation not only proves the point that manipulation occurred to create Obama’s PDF, but is further proof that — due to the layers — it is easy for manipulation to continue to occur.”

Second, a PDF copy electronically filed by the Alabama Democratic Party with the state Supreme Court was obtained by Birther Report. The diamond pattern is not found on this e-filing. Pixel Patriot analysis reveals the security paper background extended on the right side farther than the visible area of the PDF copy (clipped/masked version) posted on the White House servers on April 27th, 2011.

And third, Pixel Patriot has obtained a certified copy from the Alabama Supreme Court of the Amicus Curiae brief filed by the Alabama Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, comes word Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case posse could be headed for prosecution with their findings.

Carl Gallups of PPSIMMONS and the Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups Radio Program reports in a lengthy conversation with Lt. Mike Zullo, lead investigator in the Obama Fraud case. Gallups says that there is late breaking news in the rapidly growing movement for a potential prosecution of this matter.

Last week, Gallups reported Zullo expects several VIPS to bring this case to public light soon. Not only is the case expected to be soon brought to national attention but also there is a strong movement towards it being prosecuted. Also, as reported just days ago, Zullo was contacted by said group of VIPS who wish to see all the evidence of the Arpaio Obama Fraud investigation. These VIPS can be instrumental in galvanizing nationwide support in pushing the prosecution of the case forward. Lt. Zullo is now slated to present the case to this group of VIPS. That is what has been happening in just the last week or two.

But, there is even more. Lt. Zullo reports ANOTHER two groups of VIPS, who are remaining secret as because the Obama regime as well as all presidents have been puppets of secret societies, have asked to meet with him and want to see the evidence as well. These VIPS also are directly connected to people who can bring the case to the prosecution level and are ready to get going.

The only question is…when?

Ron Paul to Boston Martial Law…BAD MOVE!

That’s what the former Presidential Candidate and liberty icon said to Fox Business Network



Rest In Peace, Jim Tucker (12/31/1934-4/26/2013) Bilderberg Destroyer…PATRIOT…A REAL ONE!




And it looks like Rolling Stone has done somewhat a mea culpa with a twist of karma.  So-called conspiracy theories allowed to be discussed in the otherwise music rag is nothing new. In 1977 writing for Rolling Stone, Carl Bernstein exposed Operation Mockingbird.  Over 35 years later, the same magazine now says to us so-called conspiracy theorists “our bad!”

“Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right” writes Matt Taibbi.  And he mentions one of the scandals to which Sandy Hook was a key role, of course the corporate media otherwise will continue the fight to kill the Second Amendment…LIBOR.

You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that’s trillion, with a “t”) worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it “dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets.”

That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother. Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world’s largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess. Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world’s largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.

Quick Hits

BREAKING: Photo surfaces of ‘The Craft’ mobile communications van at Boston marathon

What is it? “A detailed, hi-res photo of more “The Craft” operatives and what appears to be their mobile communications van has just surfaced. “The Craft” is a group of private military operatives who have been revealed through a fast-growing number of photos published by Natural News and Info Wars. The mainstream media is engaged in a total blackout and refuses to run any photos of “The Craft” operatives. This story is quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up in history.”

For those not familiar with Craft International, folks might be more familiar with the founder, Chris Kyle.

“Chief Chris Kyle (USN, honorably discharged in 2009) is one of the top snipers in the history of the American armed forces. From 1999 to 2009, he recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. Iraqi insurgents feared Chief Kyle so much they named him al-Shaitan (“the devil”) and placed a bounty on his head. His extensive combat experience includes sniping, close-quarters battle, reconnaissance, long-range desert patrols, personal security and the training for foreign allies. In addition to working and training with the elite Navy SEALs, Chief Kyle has also served with units from the Army, Marine Corps and other government agencies.”

Kyle’s book, American Sniper, is a NY Times best seller. The hats seen on two individuals in particular can be purchased on their web site and on the Internet.

Chris Kyle and another pal were killed on February 2, 2013, by a veteran obviously suffering from some mental disorder, assuming PTSD. It came as a huge shock to everyone. He left behind a wife and two small children. The funeral procession was 200 miles long:

Chris Kyle Funeral Procession Arrives in Austin

In other stories Devvy Kidd reports on a woman who apparently works in the medical field sending her

a nasty email telling me I didn’t know squat about amputations and how much blood there is among other things. Did I say anything in my column about amputations being done on the sidewalks where the bombs went off? No, I didn’t nor did I read anywhere amputations were done at either location where the bombs were detonated. I assume from watching the press conferences by surgeons at the hospitals were the injured were taken (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital) is where the operations took place, not on the street.



Limbaugh’s ‘Big Lie’ Strategy

More unconstitutional rape. More debt slapped on our backs with interest

Another ‘Green’ Project Folds after Getting Millions from Taxpayers (Unconstitutional. More debt slapped on our backs with interest)

Obama Administration Paying People To ‘Recruit’ Folks Onto Food Stamps

Cost of Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles In Three Years

$423,500 Stimulus Program on ‘Correct Condom Use’ Yields Zero Jobs

$43,000 of Kansas Welfare Money Withdrawn From ATMs at Strip Clubs, Casinos

Gov’t Spends $214K on ‘Home-Based’ Tampon Testing for Cervical Cancer

$30,000 Federal Study Aims to ‘Increase Intake of Tap Water’ Among Latino Youth

Gov’t Spends $2.4 Million to ‘Improve the TV Diet of Preschool Children’

Shabazz “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it.”  TRY IT RACIST SCUM!!!!

Marco Rubio: Corrupted by Washington in Only Two Years


$700 Billion EPIC FAIL

RT exposes how the US since the ultimate false flag of 9/11 spent $700 billion on security…instead it’s turned into a liberty robbing police state making major failure according to American lawyer Jesselyn Radac


WND is reporting in one case FRAUD LED TO OBAMA BEING ON THE BALLOT in 2008.

Two Indiana Democrats have been convicted of submitting false names on the petition that placed then-Sen. Barack Obama on the 2008 presidential election primary ballot, meaning he likely did not qualify.

Fox News reports the jury in South Bend found guilty on all counts former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic Party chairman Butch Morgan Jr. and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe.

The two had faced accusations of petition fraud and forgery, as well as falsely making a petition. The verdicts now raise anew questions about election fraud by Democrats, a subject that was analyzed after the 2012 election.

The report found fraud occurred in the 2012 presidential election and was likely enough to decide the outcome.

Local media…


WNDU 16 gave a longer look into the proceeding. The station reports the jury got the case at 5 p.m. and returned its verdict around 8:30 p.m. Special Prosecutor Stan Levco called the decision an important victory.

“If it was shoplifting or something like that, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Sometimes, these charges aren’t relatively a big deal. But, to me, when you talk about an election, there’s nothing more sacred in this country than the right to vote” Levco said.

However, the penalties carried out may be considered slaps on the wrist.  The two men were both convicted of Class C and Class D felonies. Class C felonies carry a penalty of between two and eight years. Class D felonies carry a sentence of up to three years. Both men will be sentenced in June.


UPDATE…Chuck Hagel involved in fraud?

The Beck Buzz

Well Glenn Beck sure is making the rounds of the elite media, ain’t he?  And he goes on the elitist of them all Bill O’Reilly who blasted Ron Paul when he mentioned Operation Ajax!

In the interview between the two former CT broadcasters (Beck once at KC 101 and WELI and O’Reilly at WFSB Channel 3), the following revelation is made…the Initial Boston bombing suspect was a member of the Saudi Royal Family…you know like THIS PICTURE…