Time to Break The Set

I am a fan of RT USA, unlike neocons like Cliff Kincaid and Alan Caruba, both of whom having ties to the CIA.  RT gets to the truth even more than Faux News Channel does.  If only Cablevision my monopoly cable company would carry it.  One of their shows is Breaking The Set hosted by Abby Martin.  And I will start posting these shows from this point on at the blog.

In the maiden voyage of BTS on this blog, Martin talks to Richard Grove, producer of the ‘Ultimate History Lesson’, about his personal story as a corporate whistleblower and journey into becoming a media revolutionary. BTS wraps up the show with a potentially combustible interview with former US assistant secretary of state for public affairs, and neocon P.J. Crowley, about his resignation following remarks about whistleblower Bradley Manning’s treatment in military detention and his thoughts about drones and US foreign policy.

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