Quick Hits

Obamacare will be Challenged Again as Unconstitutional

Boehner-Obama Deals Add $21,817 in New Debt Per Household

Obama hands out free health care to Pakistanis

Gov’t Motors Employess to Receive Bonuses up to $7,000 Each.  TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

We can thank the vile, globalist NWO supporting Newt Gingrich, for pushing NAFTA through as well as grossly unconstitutional stealing from us like: 1993: $1.6B Russia aid package was a “great defining moment”. How do people think the national debt grew to $16.5 TRILLION dollars?

His official voting record – sold out the American worker every step of the way

2 Nullification Bills Move Forward (It takes boots on the ground folks.)

Montana House passes Nullify NDAA Detention, 98-0

Arizona Senate passes Constitutional Tender Act

Follow all Nullification business here.

8 LAPD officers involved in shooting after Dorner ‘case of mistaken identity’



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