The Obama Hustle blog is reporting on how Obama/Soetoro was discovered at Columbia University as of three years ago.  The site uses three exhibits to try to make their case.

Exhibit 1 shows a database pull detailing two names, Barack Soetoro and sister Maya K Soetoro.

EXHIBIT 2  involved searches in New York State.

The third exhibit, is in the from of a PDF file that downloaded from Columbia University and it details the process for permanent residents wishing to obtain a social security number through Columbia.  That file can be found here.

How did the author of the post do this?

In October of 2011 I was conducting one of my daily database searches for any information relating to Obama and his alter identities such as his other last name of Soetoro.  I discovered an anomaly using the database information that was pulled when I used the last name of Soetoro in and for the state of New York.

And there is a related article from January from the Conservative Tree House about Obama’s CIA ties, his nominee to lead said agency John Brennan (a converted Muslim extremist)…AND GLOBALIST KINGPIN ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI.


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