Has an Illinois newspaper started an awakening?

In the wake of Pastor James David Manning saying he would go to Hawaii to sue over Obama’s fake records…

Comes word of an editor for an Illinois newspaper questioning Obama’s records.

David Giuliani (I don’t think he is related to former New York mayor Rudy) said…

I expected something entirely different when I recently called Tom Kocal, publisher of the Prairie Advocate, the weekly newspaper in Lanark in Carroll County.

Over the last few weeks, Kocal has been writing publisher notes questioning the validity of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

“The Obama birth certificate released by the White House, on [its] website, proved to be a doctored fake, and we can prove it, like thousands of other graphic artists, computer experts, grade school children, etc.,” he wrote. “There is no opinion in this; it is fact.”

When I called Kocal, I half-expected him to accuse Obama of being a Kenyan socialist – or at least harshly denounce the president’s policies. He did neither. Instead, he spoke about what he saw as the technical problems with Obama’s long-form certificate.

Asked whether he believed Obama was born in the United States, he said he didn’t know. He called for an investigation.

Who is Tom Kocal? You can give him some props here.

As for Mr. Giuliani, the newspaper announcements weren’t hospital generated. When a child was born, or a person applied for a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth (the Act-96 program permitted foreign-born children to get Hawaii birth certificates), the Hawaii DOH sent the compiled list to the two newspaper outlets which then published them.

The newspaper announcements do not prove Obama was born in Hawaii.

David Giuliani can be reached at dgiuliani@saukvalley.com or at 800-798-4085, ext. 525.

I wish in the meantime Pastor Manning all the luck in the world and may God protect him in Hawaii.  Otherwise, he could end up being a victim of Thugocracy, Inc. and the global elite as REAL JOURNALIST Wayne Madsen told Infowars recently.

A Special Quick Hits

Courtesy of the one and only Devvy Kidd.


There’s no question in my mind Barry Soetoro is a sexual deviant. Those daughters of his are cover. Barry’s trip to play golf last weekend cost we the people a cool $1 million . He went down to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods. ALL media was barred from any coverage. It’s no secret in Washington, DC, about Reggie Love being tied at the hip with Barry. I believe Reggie left at the strong “urging” of militant Michelle.


Obama Returns with Reggie Love


Reggie Love, Obama ‘body man,’ to leave White House by year’s end


Report: Mother Of Obama’s Murdered Gay Lover Speaks Up – With Video


Marxism in America – Lt. Gen. Ret. W. G. Jerry Boykin


I don’t usually say this about my ancestral home



Lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra has requested that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate the Bilderberg Group for criminal activity, questioning whether the elitist organization’s 2011 meeting in Switzerland led to the selection of Mario Monti as Prime Minister of Italy.




I used to be a fan of wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Sergeant Slaughter, etc during wrestling’s atomic age of the 1980’s and I do like seeing the old school, even now as a 39-year-old it was  propaganda.  WELL NOT THIS PRODUCT!  I AM CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT OF ALL WWE PROGRAMMING AND LIVE EVENTS UNLESS THIS HATRED OF OUR CONSTITUTION SPURRED BY ABUSE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT CEASES!

Now we know why the Pope left

Theories abound with regard to Pope Benedict XVI’s health as the reason for his stepping down announcement last week.  But one blog says he did it so as to avoid…AN ARREST WARRANT!

On February 4, a week before Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, the Vatican allegedly received a note from an unknown European government that stated there are plans to issue a warrant for the Pope’s arrest. That is according to the left-leaning progressive blog Addicting Info.

And even the US, which has one of the highest Catholic populations in the world is being involved.  The New York based Center for Constitutional Rights, has accused the Pope and his Cardinals of possible crimes against humanity for sheltering pedophile priests. The non-profit legal group has requested an International Criminal Court inquiry on behalf of the Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests, citing the church’s “long-standing and pervasive system of sexual violence.”

He’s at it again

The he in this case is Montgomery Blair Sibley.  Two weeks ago the former Democratic Presidential candidate released his Stuxnet-like Motion challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President. The motion targeted specific federal inmates convicted under federal criminal laws putatively signed by Obama alleging that Obama is ineligible to be President and thus the criminal laws he signed are void.

In something that would only seems to be symbolic given this is President’s Day (or tyrant’s day take your pick), Sibley has released a new computer-virus like Motion which seeks to emulate a computer generated Directed-Denial-of-Service network attack on the Federal Criminal Justice System. His Nyguen Motion arises from the Supreme Court’s opinion in Nguyen v. United States, 539 U.S. 69 (2003), which held any decision of an improperly constituted judiciary must be vacated.

For the record, Obama has appointed 173 judges, namely two Justices to the Supreme Court, 30 judges to the United States Courts of Appeals and 141 judges to the U.S. District Courts.

More info can be found here.

President’s Day Quick Hits

Devvy Kidd…The diseased minds of liberals

Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises”

Flashback: Preparing for Massive Civil War, Re-Education Camps

All Calif residents to pay USE TAX whether you owe it or not

HPV, tetanus vaccines causes deadly new autoimmune disease

California County Inching Toward Drone Deployment?

Judge Won’t Drop Acquitted Charges in New Trial Against Raw Milk Farmer

An Appeal For Dictatorship Comes Out Of The Closet At The NY Times

The US Commits Pearl Harbor – An Administration That Will Live in Infamy

Woman of Courage’ hailed by Michelle Obama for defending women’s rights has jailed 100 wives for adultery in Afghanistan

The Price of Infringement

Arctic Ice ‘Growth’ Shatters Previous Records

From Devvy Kidd…RINOs who support those who break our laws. Illegals who lie, cheat and steal to get in this country, steal American jobs and resources. “Hannity is in the inner circle elite of the RNC/GOP. So what Hannity is saying is, it is OK to pick and choose which laws are upheld as long as the evolution is of value to the future chances (existence) of the Republican party. These guys are scared that we may have a 2 party system in a few years but it will be the Tea Party against the Democommies.” Quote from the person who sent me the link.

Amazingly, Sean Hannity Can Evolve

Rove Declares War on Tea Party

Don’t know if that jackass is a Republican or Democrat, but one thing I do know, Bill O’Reilly knows NOTHING about the U.S. Constitution or the founding of this republic:

Bill O’Reilly Calls for Gun Registration on Letterman: ‘Just Like You Have to Register Your Car’ and supports drones



Dr. Taitz filed a petition with the Supreme Court for the Obama eligibility case Noonan v Bowen. The petition was referred to the full court and distributed for conference scheduled for today February 15, 2013.

Here is the initial order list for February 15th, 2013. The short list of granted petitions does not include Noonan v Bowen. Another list will be released by the SCOTUS Tuesday. It is normal for them to release a short list of the granted petitions before they release a very long list of denied petitions. The longer list sometimes includes a couple more granted petitions.

Here is the initial list

Is it any wonder why Devvy Kidd is calling on a total impeachment of the Supreme Court?

Impeach all nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Why? Let me count the ways for you” Kidd wrote.

One of the ways of course is because of the corruption regarding Obama/Soetoro’s records.

Those who have followed this incredible scam against we the people are fully aware of the massive distortion by the subset of the Democratic/Communist Party USA; that would be the disgraced “mainstream” media as well as cable networks. Even the so-called ‘fair and balanced’ FOX News Network refuses to address the lies and fraud. Instead, the best they can come up with is Bill O’Reilly slinging labels like tin foil hat folks or Kool Aid drinkers. Let me give you one example:

Answer Man: Was Barack Obama ever Barry Soetoro?

“From every reputable source I can find, there is no evidence that the president ever took the name “Soetoro” — and he certainly was known as Barack Obama long before his 21st birthday.”

The answer man is intellectually lazy. His reputable sources must be the White House or rags like the Huffington Post. Obama was known by his classmates at Occidental College as Barry Soetoro, long before he turned 21; when he went to school in Hawaii:

Obama’s Former Classmate: ‘He Told Us That His Father Was an Indonesian King,’ That ‘He Was a Prince’ & ‘Would Be a Ruler’

“The former classmate, who referred to Obama as “Barry” throughout the interview (the name she claims his classmates called him), said that she believes Obama was at the prestigious school on scholarship.”

The phony ‘answer’ man above must not have seen Soetoro’s school records from Indonesia:

“Information about Obama’s Indonesian schooling first surfaced in January 2007 in a blog called An American Expat in Southeast Asia. The blog documented Obama was registered Jan. 1, 1968, under the name Barry Soetoro, with serial number 203, in Class 1B at the Catholic Franciscan Assisi Primary School in Jakarta.

“School records listed Barry Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Aug. 4, 1961. His religion was listed as Islam. “According to the blog, school documents recorded Barry’s father as L. Soetoro Ma, a worker in the director general’s office in the TNI Topography division of the Indonesian army. The records indicated Barry attended the Franciscan school for three years, until Class 3. WND reported Aug. 17, 2008, that conformation for Obama’s attendance in the Indonesian school came with the surfacing of a 2007 Associated Press photograph by Tatan Syuflana, an Indonesian AP reporter and photographer. The photo showed Obama’s registration card at the Assisi school.

“An AP spokesman confirmed to WND that the photograph of the registration card was authentic. The listing of Obama in an official record in a foreign country as a foreign citizen should have prompted a major media investigation.”

The issue of Soetoro’s dual citizenship making him forever ineligible has been raging since 2008. Several times the U.S. Supreme Court has set for private conference to “discuss” the merits of cases; one example which hasn’t changed:

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Obama Nationality Case

“The court without comment declined to hear “Donofrio v. Wells,” a suit that had attempted to keep Obama off the New Jersey ballot. Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick had claimed Obama had dual nationality at birth, because of his Kansas-born mother and his Kenyan-born father, who was a British subject at the time.”

Despite the overwhelming evidence and previous Supreme Court cases, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to address one of the most important issues in our life time: Barry Soetoro’s ineligibility to even run for president, never mind anyone having the “right” to vote for him. As a matter of fact, as many of us have pointed out, Justice Clarence Thomas seems to think it’s some sort of joke:

Justice Clarence Thomas: We’re ‘evading’ eligibility

“U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a House subcommittee that when it comes to determining whether a person born outside the 50 states can serve as U.S. president, the high court is “evading” the issue. The comments came as part of Thomas’ testimony before a House appropriations panel discussing an increase in the Supreme Court’s budget earlier this week.”

How utterly disgraceful. It is also a violation of his oath of office.

For the second time, due to the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to take on whether or not an ineligible individual ran for president, allegedly 66 million imbeciles voted Soetoro back into office. Allegedly because vote fraud was rampant, again. Instead of stopping this fraud back in 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court — ALL nine of them — deserve to be removed from the court. The irreparable damage done to this country by someone we have zero documentation and history on has been covered ad nauseum by so many while the U.S. Supreme Court “evades” the question of eligibility..

Having allowed this major issue to fester and another illegal election, the U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled another conference only three weeks after the impostor was once again sworn in; committing perjury, again. February 15, 2013, all nine justices will take up the issue now known as Forgerygate. Incredible!

Do I believe it will be referred to for oral arguments? Absolutely not. I would love to be wrong, but let me give you another egregious example of the U.S. Supreme Court giving we the people “the finger” instead of taking on the issue of ‘natural born’ citizen:

First and Only Clean Eligibility Supreme Court Petition

“This year Liberty Legal Foundation became the only organization to present the Supreme Court with an opportunity to rule on the substantive definition of “natural born citizen.” Literally hundreds of lawsuits have been filed by individuals and organizations attempting to challenge Obama’s qualifications to serve as President. Until LLF got involved, none of those lawsuits reached the Supreme Court on the substantive question: What is a “natural born citizen” as that term is defined in Article II of the Constitution? Prior to our Welden v. Obama case, every other eligibility lawsuit to reach the Supreme Court, and every one since, presented the Court with procedural questions. Those procedural questions were fairly routine, and had little or nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. LLF’s case was different.

“Liberty Legal Foundation represented a Georgia resident through every level of Georgia’s state courts, including the Georgia Supreme Court. Then we took this case to the U.S. Supreme Court. What made this case unique was the fact that the first court to hear our case, the lowest court in Georgia, ruled on the substance of the matter. Because of LLF’s briefs, that Georgia court denied Obama’s motion to dismiss on various procedural issues. Unfortunately that Georgia court then decided that “natural born citizen,” under Article II, means any person born on U.S. soil, regardless of the citizenship of the parents.

“While the Georgia court’s ruling was completely wrong, the fact that it ruled on the actual issue was a huge victory. Even with a completely incorrect ruling, the fact that the ruling addressed the definition of “natural born citizen” meant that LLF could appeal the actual issue that we wanted resolved. This was the first time this had happened anywhere in America, despite hundreds of attempts by other organizations.

“So we sent a petition to review this definition to the US Supreme Court. Last October the Supreme Court refused to accept our case. They had an opportunity to definitively answer a question that had spawned hundreds of cases, and continues to spawn new cases almost every day. Yet they said that it wasn’t worth their attention.

“I believe that this refusal to accept our case represents an acknowledgment that the Court didn’t want to accept a case when they knew their ruling would either unseat a President, or remove any remaining belief that the Court follows its own precedent. You see, the Georgia court’s ruling is a joke. It completely ignored clear Supreme Court precedent. It also relied completely upon an Indiana state court ruling, instead of following U.S. Supreme Court precedent. BTW: the Indiana court ruling was so flawed as to be laughable. Please understand what I am telling you: The U.S. Supreme Court refused to uphold the Constitution for political reasons. It’s that simple.”

Many who receive my free email alerts are aware of Montgomery Blair Sibley (see links at bottom of this column). He has been fighting this issue for years and stonewalled by every federal judge along the way. Montgomery just might have thrown things into high gear with his recent announcement:

Press Release: Sibley Injects Stuxnet-Like Motion Challenging Obama’s Eligibility Into Federal Criminal Justice Network

Washington D.C. – “A new front on the legal battle to establish that Barack Hussein Obama, II, is ineligible to be President was opened today by Montgomery Blair Sibley. To date, no federal court has taken up the merits of Obama’s eligibility relying instead on the dubious legal doctrine of “standing” to dismiss every lawsuit. Accordingly, Sibley has released his Stuxnet-like Motion to Dismiss Indictment into the federal prison system.” Rest at link…look what Montgomery has done!

Flashback: Dr. Edwin Vieira raised the same legal argument in his Dec. 8, 2008 column: In the Shadow of Nemesis.

UPDATE!  FURTHER CORRUPTION.  According to Dr. Taitz, the clerks of five of the nine “justices” never forwarded a single page of pleadings, they also did not forward to any of the Justices the Supplemental Brief.

It may be my birthday…


In this exclusive and explosive interview with WHDN Boston host Gary Franchi Alex Jones explains what really happened with CNN’s Piers Morgan and the larger attempt to shame 2nd Amendment rights and hand all remaining power over the usurpers in Washington.



In case you haven’t heard of WHDN or WHDT, WHDT broadcasts on RF channel 44 (virtual channel 9) from Palm City and is carried on cable TV channels 44 (SD) and 1044 (HD) by AT&T, on cable channels 17 (SD) and 438 (HD) in West Palm Beach by Comcast, on satellite channel 44 (SD) in West Palm Beach by DIRECTV, and on WHDN-Boston which broadcasts on RF channel 38 (virtual channel 6) from the Government Center district in downtown Boston.  For the record, WHDN is NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH NBC AFFILIATE WHDH.

Remember The Maine

When I was a student at Central Jr. High School in Greenwich (now called Central Middle) in 1989 after transferring from St. Mary’s High (which no longer exists), my history teacher at the time, a Mr. Acheson helped me out on a report for history class about the sinking of the battleship USS Maine, which took place 115 years ago off Havana, Cuba.  At first then President Theodore Roosevelt put the blame on the Spanish, despite the fact it was all an accident.  This is what happens when you have a warhawk for a President with ties to the global elite.  Two months later and thanks to help from elite yellow journalist kingpin William Randolph Hearst, the US and Spain were at war.  There was dissension in the ranks among Roosevelt’s men, even causing him to kill some of his own men (sound familiar?) The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, despite Cuba not being allowed to partake in the signing.

RT’s Abby Mann of Breaking The Set looks back on this and other forms of False Flag attacks.

Thanks for the obvious

Some various things on the web that are as clear and as plain as the noses on our faces…and most of these things get neocon warhawks’ pink lace thong undies to ride up their anuses.

And to think Hagel’s anti-Israeli thoughts are the reason why his nomination has been held up…REALITY CHECK.

Those who think we should control the population because there’s too many people on Earth…THINK AGAIN!  Meet Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and the author of the best-selling A Mother’s Ordeal: One Woman’s Fight Against China’s One-Child Policy.

CT-Stan’s Lt Governor battleaxe Nancy Wyman claims the 2nd Amendment is about hunting…HEY WYMAN…IT IS NOT ABOUT HUNTING IT’S ABOUT GOING AGAINST TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT LIKE YOU IN HARTFORD!

WHAT PART OF SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED DO YOU FASCISTS ON THE LEFT DON’T GET?!  YOU THINK WE ARE PLAGUES ON THE PLANET?!?!?!?  Why is CT in the mess it’s in? Two words…WELFARE WHORES…especially in Waterbury, Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven, Norwich, Hartford, etc. Also the state run corporate media and a limp dick GOP that should be Ron Paul-based, Lew Rockwell-based, Peter Schiff-based, Tom Woods-based AND NOT JOHN ROWLAND, TOM FOLEY AND NEOCON-BASED.

Wyman, you and Malloy are proposing killing the second amendment WHICH IS UNJUST.


It seems to me you want CT like California and will allow the state police chief to spew globalist NWO bile like saying guns are not defensive weapons.  GET READY TO BE REFUTED.