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Seniors in seven of 10 most popular Medicare drug plans face double-digit rate hikes

Three sisters found guilty of corruption in their roles as Supreme Court judge, state senator and court aide

Beating back the beast.


Obama Increased Foreign Aid 80%; Spent 76% More on Foreign Aid Than Border Security

Geithner: Infinite debt for America, with no intention to ever pay off the national debt

GOP’s Graham defends Democrat on foreign aid

Federal Gov’t. Spends Over $2 Million on Bike Trails in Colorado

MSNBC, with Ex-Obama Aides, Now US Version of Russia’s Old Pravda

Obama Flooding Fake Twitter Messages to Fight Guns

Conan O’Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media

Lib Kirsten Powers: Obama is “The Puppet Master of the Media” Who Doesn’t Want Tough Questions

CBS: Obama’s ‘State Run Media’ Destroying 1st Amendment

Obama Removes Press to Take Q&A from Governors

It’s True – Obama Doesn’t Know His Lies from His Prevarications

WikiLeaks: US 'to call Navy Seal to testify against Bradley Manning'...

FAKE LEFT RIGHT ALERT… Epic eruption: Dem explodes on Fox anchor

SI CK, JUST SICK…Teen beauty queen quits amid porn scandal

Sledgehammer of cyber warfare? EMP attack

Iran is Our Biggest Threat?

Christie, Scott Deal ObamaCare Victories To Big Government-Jefferson Shrugs

Constitution Says Immigration Is A State Issue

DHS To Lease $10 Million Firearms Facility

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