Want more evidence saying Sandy Hook was a false flag?

Just look to the skies…CNN used a FAKE Sandy Hook Shooting Video. Instead of the school itself, they used a video of St. Rose of Lima School from News 12 Connecticut, one of CNN’s many affiliates.

According to a story from Digital Journal anyone with the spy program Google Earth can examine the property layout of Sandy Hook elementary school and tell the footage used by CNN in their video report showing police running to the scene of the shooting is NOT THE SANDY HOOK elementary school. And yet CNN has a segment called “Keeping them honest?”  NO WONDER AMBER LYON LEFT CNN!

And there is even more…At the words “they arrived to carnage,” the CNN Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper report cuts to helicopter footage of seven police officers charging across a parking lot and toward a school. The report says it was breaking news coverage of the shooting hours earlier.  One major problem, the three-minute report posted on the day after the shootings at the official CNN website entitled “Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School.” shows another school, NOT Sandy Hook. Instead it shows St. Rose of Lima School, a private Catholic school a few miles away, also in Newtown.

This once again shows how the mega banks, and the CIA and not REAL journalists work in the media (Operation Mockingbird)…of which this writer has been waiting 13 years to get back into radio so as I can clean up the corporate fascist horse dung from the barn.

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