A patriot steps up on Sandy Hook

Dennis House, co-anchor of WFSB Channel 3’s Eyewitness News and host of Face The State has posted something at his blog and on channel 3’s Facebook regarding Martha Dean, who ran for Attorney General in CT, only to lose to leftist George Jepsen.

The reason he is doing this is due to a video Dean put up online of someone saying the Sandy Hook shooting, like many in the patriot movement are saying and being called racist by the tyrannical government for it, was a fake with the means of violating the second amendment to the US Constitution and thus killing off the republic.

The video, posted on YouTube and includes material from alternative media websites such as Infowars, was tagged by owner Google thanks to complaints from anti-2nd amendment extremists  as being “potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.”

House called Dean a “a pariah in her own party as Republican after Republican denounced her post and subsequent comments.” This shows this writer the Republican party in this state has no backbone whatsoever.  And leave it to a former governor turned felon now talk radio host to deal a potential death blow.

Dean came in for a taping of Face the State a day after being raked over the coals by former Governor and corrupt felon John Rowland on his afternoon radio show on WTIC AM.

The Hartford Courant, run by Tribune, offers up details of this interview here.

Dean stood by her decision to post the video, while condemning and defending elements of it, but wanted to distance herself from the controversy. She also called out the media for posting said video. House, taking perhaps a jab at Dean for not winning the AG’s office asked her how she would be dealing with Newtown had she been elected Attorney General, and whether she understands why many people view what she did as reprehensible.

At her Facebook page yesterday, Dean fired back at Rowland.

Rowland’s WTIC show has pounded the media value out of of the controversial Newtown video for a week or so — doing far more damage to anyone harmed or offended by it than my original post (which merely asked a question and solicited opinions). Those who have issued media statements purporting to truly care about the families would have (if this wasn’t simply a political opportunity at the Newtown families’ expense) made a quiet phone call to me at the outset saying “some are upset – please consider whether to explain and repost or delete this.” I would have obliged. But now that Rowland and certain other politicians have rung every bit of publicity out of it that they can, I have to leave it up on my page to defend what I actually did/said. (PS it was tough getting air time today on the original topics in Rowland’s written invitation to come on the show — which, by the way, were NOT the video; still I appreciate him giving me time to clarify the video issue for those who have not read my actual posts.) Was it worth doing? Rowland and I agree on the answer to this one: only time will tell.

If Dean started a debate on all this, given the threats of second amendment destroying bills like those proposed by Diane Feinstein or even on the state level by a left-wing black woman in Missouri, mission accomplished. What will happen to Dean as she faces the state-run media?  You may have to tune in this Sunday at 10:30 on channel 3 to find out.

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