Those letters are short for disqualification.  And that is what a DEMOCRAT of all people wants to see happen to a Constitution-hating judge on Florida John D Bates, who by the way was appointed by George W. “The Constitution is a God Damned Piece of Paper” Bush.  By the way, according to one poster at Birther Report, Judge Bates was the jurist who rejected and dismissed Valerie Plame’s and Joe Wilson’s charges against globalists Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby. Here, Montgomery Blair Sibley, explains the purpose of the DQ…


As for the §144 bias or prejudice, I believes that Honorable John D Bates has a personal bias or prejudice either against me and/or in favor of the Respondent. The reasons for the belief that such bias or prejudice exists is found in his Memorandum Order of December 19, 2012. In particular, in that opinion, the Honorable John D Bates:
a. Mis-applies the pejorative term “birther” to me demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of the issues I raise and his utilization of ad hominem reasoning in adjudicating my claim. Indeed, he continues by mis-characterizing my argument as based upon the claim that Obama was “supposedly was not born in the United States.” In fact, I make no such claim but instead raise the incontestable issue that Obama’s father was not a U.S. Citizen and the documents that support Obama’s claim to be born in Hawaii appear to be forgeries.

b. Refuses to allow oral argument to enlighten him on points of fact and law that he clearly misunderstood.

c. Patently violated LCvR 65.1(d). On November 14, 2012, I filed my “Verified Motions for Preliminary Hearing and Expedited Discovery and Demand for Hearing”. In that motion, I specifically requested a hearing pursuant to LCvR 65.1(d)3 which obligates Judge Bates to rule upon the Motion for Preliminary injunction within twenty-one (21) days. Yet, thirty-five (35) days later, Judge Bates had failed to discharge his obligation imposed by LCvR 65.1(d). […]
Here, the Honorable John D Bates is knowingly assisting Defendant Obama by refusing me access to the Grand Jury to present evidence of his criminal behavior in order to hinder or prevent Defendant Obama’s trial or punishment. As such, the Honorable John D Bates is arguably an “accessory after the fact” and thus his “impartiality might reasonably be questioned” in making rulings in this matter


Oh, and speaking of Bush’s neocon pals at the RNC…A LETTER.


I understand that at first,there was no tangible evidence to suggest that this president was eligible to be the President of the USA. Now 4 years later,we have new information that was ferreted out by some very brave people who have always had questions about this President. There is some undeniable evidence that proves without a reasonable doubt that there is something amiss about this President.

First of all,let’s assume he was born in Hawaii,which is doubtful but believable. There is now so much more new evidence about this President that has proven to be true. Why all the secrecy about his college records? What is in those records that would be so damning that this President chose to spend millions of dollars to keep his records secret?

Secondly,it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that his certificate of birth was a forgery and that fact has been attested to be true by at least 5 forensic scientists.

Why the denials by your party to look into this matter? When President Nixon resigned,it was because the Democrats stood strong as a united front;and with a Republican Senate,they made him resign his Presidency.

If only the RNC had the fortitude to follow in their footsteps,you could have saved this once-great Republic.
I have called the head of the RNC,and I have received no satisfaction. I probably will get no satisfaction from this letter,and what a shame that would be.

I want my party to act like adults and take some responsibility for their actions before we lose the greatest country in the world,The United States of America.


And oh, by the way, the REAL Tea Party wants in on seeing the Constitution preserved.


The Tea Party is calling Households across America with a dynamic telephone messages exposing ‘America’s Fraud President” to Grass- roots America. And we need your help to complete the mission.Bottom line is, the Blame Stream Media has consistently protected ‘America’s Fraud President’ and buried Obama Frauds such as:

Forged Birth certificate issued by the White House!
Multiple Social Security numbers!
Sealed College records!
Surrendered license to practice law!
Missing birth records in Hawaii!
Selective Service records sealed!
Foreign Passports!
Election Stealing!
Association with known Communists and subversives!
Sworn testimonies by credible witnesses proving Obama was not born in America.
America’s top Sheriff threatened if he continues investigating the Obama Frauds!
…and the list goes on!

It’s about time the Tea Party takes the bull by the balls and gives them a yank! Sound dangerous? You bet it is! So was facing the British over 236 years ago with a rag-tag Patriot Army. Just like we won then, we will win now!


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