Two good cop stories

As much as they deserve derision for NOT living up to their oath, there are times when the police DO INDEED DO GOOD.

First in a story that will not get a lot of corporate media play (except in Albany), the man dubbed by Liberty-minded people The First Amendment Cop, Albany County, New York Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic lived up to his Constitutional oath allowing two activists to hand out pamphlets at Albany International Airport regarding the dangers of airport scanners.

Infowars reports Deputy Lenic has become an “internet icon” for his actions. A now viral video on You Tube shows Lenic refusing to follow the demands of airport PR head Doug Myers in having  Jason Bermas and Ashley Jessica identified, detained or even removed while they did their part for Infowars’ Opt Out and Film campaign.

“Obviously this is your constitutional right, OK? As far as you’re concerned, you’re not breaking any laws. That’s what we want to get across to you guys,” Lenic told the activists, dismissing efforts by Myers to have the two kicked out of the airport.

Myers tried again, but Lenic was steadfast.

“If I was to ask for his identification he does not have to give it to me because he’s not doing anything wrong” Lenic told Myers.

As a result, the video on YouTube and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page has been blitzed with praise and “atta ways” for Lenic’s actions.

“Finally a cop that does his job properly. Makes a change from all of the bad cop films we’ve seen lately,” wrote one poster.

“This Sheriff is an absolute paragon for justice,” added another.

To say the least.  The media asked him about the action he made and the result of it.

“That’s a little overwhelming. I mean, I was doing my job I felt I was doing the right thing protecting people’s First Amendment rights,” Lenic told WNYT-TV 13.

WTEN-TV ABC 10 also reported on this, as well as WRGB CBS 6, even neocon news/talk powerhouse WGY.

And the good news continues.

“Lenic also told Bermas that his superiors were considering giving him an official commendation for his exemplary actions in defending the constitutional rights he swore to uphold” Infowars reports.

The writer thinks more than a commendation is in order here.  You listening Governor Andrew Cuomo?

But, perhaps son of Mario will do something for another NY state cop who truly lives up to the nickname of the NYPD New York’s Finest. One officer’s act of kindness for a man otherwise called a bum, a hobo.

Officer Larry DePrimo like Deputy Lanic has become a web star not due to a video, but to a picture of him helping a man bare feet in a cold November night, took from scripture to put shoes on the feet.

“A couple from Arizona captured his picture as he gave a pair of boots to a man who had no shoes in Times Square. The couple did not know the name of the officer, but they shared the picture with the NYPD, which posted it on Facebook” WABC-TV reported.

Even Infowars was in awe of this.

“With all the police horror stories we are constantly deluged with, a story about a good cop is sometimes necessary to remind everyone that there are still police out there who don’t take part in the crazed, lunatic brute-cop goon-squad mentality, and who instead stand up for humanity, freedom and what is right” Adam Salazar wrote for Infowars.

Other NYC media, including CBS New York, NBC New York, WNYW Fox 5, The New York Post, and yes, even The New York Times covered this.

There are good cops in this world.  Know of any cops or sheriffs in your neck of the woods?

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