A new look at JFK’s murder

On November 22, 1963 while President Kennedy’s body lay in repose in East Room of White House, the newly sworn in president Lyndon B. Johnson declares November 25th to be a national day of mourning.  But Robert Morrow offers up stories and facts mainstream government schools won’t tell.

Johnson in the early 1950′s was one of just a mere handful of congressional overseers of the CIA – this is a little known fact and extremely important. Your indoctrination master/teacher never taught you that, nor me for that matter.

Morrow, a JFK Assassination Researcher and runner of the website Reclamation Project X  spoke to Andrea Shea King for one of the fastest and most informed 90 minutes in all talk radio.

Most of the info Morrow mentioned I have heard before like George H W Bush’s ties to the CIA and how he claimed he didn’t know what happened the day JFK was shot, how LBJ was a power mad hungry Texas oil man and how he got involved with The Rockefeller family, and even the connection with Richard Nixon and Watergate, The Warren Commission (The 9/11 Report of its time) also Operation Northwoods.

And also in terms of the shooting at the book depository theory…I EVEN KNEW IT WAS DEBUNKED by watching
“Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.”  From that angle and with that rifle, it was near impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have fired the shots that killed Kennedy.  It had to have come from the grassy knoll.

Watch especially 15:30-19:34 as Ventura tries and fails three times to emulate the shots from the distance where they would have made their mark.

In full disclosure my mother, a huge JFK supporter along with my grandma, thought Johnson played a key role in the assassination.

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