New update, new website

There is a new website, actually a Facebook page which gives weather forecasts even better than AccuWeather, Weather Channel even your local meteorologist.  This site, The Weather Space, is saying Sandy is VEERING OFF COURSE.

The Weather Space reports…

This satellite image depicts the forecast plots from NOAA (In Red). The TWS-TFM is the Green Plot … This is what I’ve been saying that would need to be watched … Sandy will be further north than NOAA currently has. Sandy is off the red line course and following the TWS-TFM …

What does it mean? All news stations, including The Weather Channel have the track wrong. Sandy will hit further north, and this plot brings it right INTO New York City with the strongest surge and effects.This is why I’ve been trying to warn that just because the news stations had NYC south of the landfall point (NOAA was in Delaware Yesterday!) … does not mean that is where it will hit or you are out of danger.

Later this evening I will have a slew of maps on here to read with a full discussion. But Sandy will hit north of NOAA’s position, very close to the position on the video forecast of the TWS-TFM . Remember the TWS-TFM is the in-house weather model here developed at The Weather It learns overtime how a hurricane moves and performs … then it spins it ahead and gives a track based off the last 24, 48, and even 72 hours of movement and verification.Landfall point is going to be between N. NJ and Long Island … NYC at the center …

In addition to satellite and radar captured Infrasonic Undulation, Chemtrails enmass and ChemDUMPING!!! Multiple weather system steering and super storm creation, right before your eyes!!!
HT to YouTuber revmichellehopkins for this…
The reality of weather modification is no conspiracy theory.

But ask yourself this, “If we can modify weather then why don’t we still do it for the good. For instance, seeding clouds to make it rain, so our breadbasket doesn’t become a dust bowl, or so fires that burned for so long could be quenched? And why don’t we steer hurricanes away from murderous rampages, instead of directing them into it?” There is no more question we have the technology. And no excuse not to use it for good.

Since before the 50′s, weather modification techniques have existed. In fact, the threat of “weather weapons” was so imminent that the United Nations felt it necessary to draft a treaty ensuring no nation would use this “new means of warfare” against one another. Why would the U.N. draft a treaty if weather modification was just a conspiracy theory?

Treaty defined “weather weapons” as follows: “[…] the term “environmental modification techniques” refers to any technique for changing — through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes–the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.”



Now there are reports of a 7.7 earthquake off of British Columbia, CN.

Nothing would surprise me about this war machine called HAARP and how the NWO wants it to destroy all humanity.

Tsunami warnings are now in effect…INCLUDING HAWAII!

In terms of CT, the latest Tech Discussion from Mike Cameron of WFSB…

Sandy is still expected to veer west of Connecticut, but come a little earlier…

As Sandy swirls south of New England, we still have time to make preparations.  Cleaning out gutters, putting down storm windows, bringing in outdoor furniture and decorations, unclogging storm drains of leaves are all good things to do before the storm.  We have most of Sunday to make these last-ditched efforts before the weather goes downhill…

A Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds at 75 MPH, Sandy’s path will take the storm north during until later tomorrow.  It will remain far enough away to save us from the heavy wind and rain; though, we will likely notice the breeze picking up and a few light showers passing through parts of the state.  The biggest problem Sunday may be during high tide, when the water could go 2-3 feet higher than the astronomical high tide, leading to some early minor coastal flooding.

By Monday morning, the center of the storm will still be south of Long Island and turning west toward New Jersey.  A developing and deepening area of low pressure will gain the upper hand in pull, grabbing Sandy, dragging the storm in an unusual westward direction.  Consensus puts the track of the storm’s center somewhere over New Jersey, with landfall Monday night.

In the morning Monday, Sandy will be close enough to Connecticut to affect the weather in a bad way.  The unraveling of our weather will Monday in the late morning and afternoon – earlier than previously forecast.  As Sandy continues to inch closer, wind will increase – we will have gusts 30-45 MPH with gusts to 60 MPH+ — and the rain will become steady by Monday afternoon.

Monday afternoon and night and Tuesday morning will be extremely windy: gusts could go into the 50-70 MPH range.  Trees and limbs will come down and power outages are likely.  We’re expecting wind at that general strength for several hours, so the opportunity for power outages will continue to happen for at least a day.


Sandy Update

UPDATE: National Weather Service upgrades Coastal Flood Watch to WARNING!

New York City could be in for the worst of it.

Frankenstorm: Divine Wind for Obama



From WFSB in Hartford, The strongest winds will probably occur Monday night and Tuesday morning. We should be prepared for wind gusts to between 50 and 70 mph, rainfall totals of at least 3-6″, and significant coastal flooding. The arrival of Sandy will coincide with the full moon on Monday.

Mike Cameron one of WFSB’s weather guys has this to add at a technical discussion…

One problem we will have late Sunday is along the shoreline: coastal flooding.  Already, a coastal flood watch is in effect for the entire Connecticut Shore.  Because of the Harvest Full Moon and the approach of Sandy, high tides could be 2-3 feet or more higher than normal, leading to flooding – before the main effects of Sandy are even here!

The unraveling of our weather will really begin later on Monday.  As Sandy continues to inch closer, wind will increase – we will have gusts 30-45 MPH by nightfall — and the rain will become steady by late in the afternoon.

Current forecasts project the track of the storm to take a sharp turn west late Monday.  Low pressure deepening over the Great Lakes states will be the driver in this westward shift.  The deepening Great Lakes vortex will essentially grab Sandy and pull her toward the DelMarVa/NJ coast, saving Connecticut from a direct blow, but not from all of her effects.

Late Monday and Tuesday will be very windy: gusts could go into the 50-70 MPH range.  Trees and limbs will come down and power outages are likely.  We’re expecting wind at that general strength for several hours, so the opportunity for power outages will continue to happen for at least a day and a half.

Rain will be in good supply.  Models suggest 3″-6″+ is possible as the Great Lakes storm coalesces with Sandy late Monday and Tuesday.  With that level of rain, flooding of streams and rivers is definitely a concern.

Governor Malloy has declared an emergency ahead of the storm. And there is the aforementioned  Coastal Flood Watch in effect for the southern 4 counties in CT.

But taking things on a different turn Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press wonders if this ‘Frankenstorm’ is more Perfect Foil than Perfect Storm.

Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama’s Policies

SO WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY VOTING FOR HIM?  And can WeAreChange get to these zombies?

Luke Rudkowski hits the streets of New York to find out where Obama supporters really stand on his policies. Now he did this in an underhanded way where the policies where presented to be Romney’s, but this was only done to get an honest opinion. The reactions when the truth was uncovered varied but they were very telling to say the least.

UPDATE on Sandy

From Geoff Fox and Fox CT


According to the 5 PM update from the National Hurricane Center, and proving my theory on what does a hurricane do (anything it damn well wants to) a very slight shift to the north. From looking at it, the model puts lower Fairfield County in just on the edge of the cone of uncertainty (why do I feel like humming the Get Smart Theme whenever I hear “Cone of…?)

Quick hits

What is Obama Hiding?

“Three brave American heroes fought off the overwhelmingly superior forces for almost 7 hours before the compound was breached. Obama never made a move to help them when jets could have been scrambled and been there in time to possibly scare off the attackers with a strafing run. For five hours after the White House was informed, those men battled to hold the compound while Obama, reportedly went to bed.”


FDA probes 5 deaths linked to MONSTER caffeine drinks.

Girl, 14, ‘died from heart attack after just two cans of Monster Energy drink’



2.3 Million Distressed Homes Have Yet To Hit Market

FBI must pay $470K for journalist’s legal fees – no, you and I are paying that fine.

Oh, yummy….Feedlot Animals Receiving a Double Dose of Antibiotics

Act surprised: Congressional incumbent ducking questions?

Republican state senate nominee charged with more than 100 counts of child sex abuse

Companies hiring for the holidays

Will Conservatives Smack Down Romney/Ryan Mandates as Unconstitutional Acts?

Chevron spied on plaintiffs involved in Ecuadorian environmental suit. Journalists were also targeted.

Well Debbie, Pamela and Robert, THE HEAT IS ON ZION SCUM

Mittbots create a storm of their own in Ohio

And this one doesn’t necessarily involve “Sandy” After some time off, Ben Swann of WXIX Cincinnati reports on why some are saying Mitt Romney has a conflict of interest when it comes to voting machines in The Buckeye State and whether those machines could be used to manipulate the vote…

Now I know what you Mittbots are thinking…DON’T…AND START THINKING FOR YOURSELVES!