Ben & Jerry

No not the Vermont ice cream socialists, but Swann and Doyle as Mr. Reality Check is interviewed by the 6-foot-3 ATM of info.

And as a result of total RNC corruption, Ron Paul supporters were in a major huff about the rules, and this writer can’t say as he blames them.

Christopher Manion at Lew Rockwell is wondering if this is 1976 all over again.  If you ask me, IT’S 1964!

Ben Swann takes it a little further by saying the rule changes are leading to a CIVIL WAR in the GOP.

And pay attention to some cell phone video at 3:36 into Ben’s report (frame grab is from another Facebook)…


We have long suspected that politics is rigged. We have long heard the cliched statement that nothing in politics happens by accident. For those among you with little faith, here is your justification and confirmation that you are correct. For those of you with any degree of faith in the system, your ignorance dies today.

Let me make this simple for you: every word, every sentence, and the results of every vote are predetermined, and are displayed on the screen for the chair to be read.  “The ayes have it”is displayed on the screen before the voting is even finished, and before the Chair could make any kind of independent evaluation of the voice vote.  The screen says it before he speaks.  The Chair, John Boehner, is just a perfectly coiffed bobble-head.   Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

For those of you who still will not see, I have this to say:

Are you a slave, or are you an American? Rebellion and defiance runs through the veins of every American. Submission and fear run through the veins of a slave. Choose wisely.

So as one circus tent folds up in Tampa, another one is about to unfurl itself in Charlotte, NC, home to mega bank Bank of America.  And this circus, called the DNC, will make Bohemian Grove look like a picnic in Central Park no thanks to Operation Mockingbird.

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