Warnings and other things

From Cody Robert Judy, another victim of Bilderberg power and greed (H/T Give us Liberty)

There comes a clear choice to Democrats, including all delegates, super-delegates, and homies of Obama. Either join the Birther Cause and isolate Obama for the usurpation he employed in stating he was a ‘natural born citizen’ on his Candidate Declaration when he wasn’t, or watch the Republicans amazingly roll over Obama as an Republican promoted eligible candidate in the Fast & Furious operation.

Let me say that one more time. Republicans have allowed Obama’s usurpation by not holding Congressional hearings on his eligibility in a Republican Controlled House, and have thus in treasonous action denied their oaths to defend the Constitution’s demands for a natural born citizen. Republicans winked at the Constitution and that is their true colors exposed.

Not one Candidate for Republicans has had the courage to defend the Constitution’s demands for a natural born citizen and offered a hint of removing Obama as a liability according to U.S.C. Amendment 14, Clause 3.

Democrat’s have a choice here and now. End the Fast and Furious operation by Sponsoring Congressional Hearings in the Democrat Controlled U.S. Senate on Obama’s eligibility, which will put an end to it, and at the same time will employ the U.S. Constitution far better then the Republicans have employed it in the face of the American Citizenry.

The other choice of course? Obama goes down in flames on the Fast & Furious operation and Mitt Romney and Republicans lay waist to the Democratic Party for the last time. Think about it Democrats while you watch this hope and change video!

Obama’s Fake Life Exposed!!

And in case you are wondering, Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible!!!


Is Obama Dangerous To The People & To His Masters. Will He Give Up Power?  As far as I am concerned it will have to be done in a military coup led by the Oathkeepers, Commander Kerchner, LTC Vallely, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Barack Obama & the UNFPA: Two Sides Of The Same Coin in China

Ron Paul Keeps Winning the Battles, but What About the War?

Obama, Pelosi, Other Liberals Diagnosed With New Disease…AND IT’S BEYOND A MENTAL DISORDER!

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