Titus to Faux News: YOU ARE WRONG!

WND recently interviewed Harvard Law Prof. Herb Titus on the outrageous paid for statement of Mockingbird Agent Bret Baier’s claim Obama/Soetoro is a Natural Born Citizen.


“Bret Baier commits a common error,” he wrote in the response posted online at the Article 2 Superpac. “He assumes that ‘natural born citizen’ means the same thing as ‘citizen by birth.’ They are not the same. A citizen by birth is one who by constitutional or statutory provision is made or recognized as a citizen based upon where or to whom they were born.”

He continued, “Under Mr. Baier’s view, a natural born citizen, then, is a citizen of a particular nation only by positive law. If a natural born citizen is defined by statute, as Mr. Baier claims they are, then by statute Congress can take away their natural born citizenship status, subject only to the 14th Amendment’s definition of citizenship by birth. And even that citizenship can be taken away by an amendment to the Constitution. Indeed, according to Mr. Baier, no one could have been eligible to be elected president UNLESS Congress passed a statute designating one’s citizenship by birth, or until the 14th amendment definition of citizenship by birth was ratified.”

The issue has been in the news since Barack Obama campaigned for president in 2008. Questions about his eligibility have yet to be resolved, as he’s continued to conceal many personal documents.


In the meantime one blog really gets technical with the relationship between globalist puppet Obama/Soetoro and the globalist media, especially after the breads and circus that was Saturday’s Bilderberg lite AKA the National Press Club Dinner.

“This once a year gathering is for all of the [unconstitutional non natural born citizen] White House occupier’s complicit charading buddies. They are briefly released from Obama’s ass to celebrate. After the banquet event, they crawl back in and suck up the steady flow of BO, BS” Nathan Bickel wrote at Moral Matters.



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