Laissez les bons temps rouler

That is how the French say Let The Good Times Roll. And in Louisiana, where some parts are French, others are Creole, it looks like that motto can apply to Ron Paul, who has won the state and the lion’s share of delegates

As you could tell, Ron Paul scored 111 out of 150 delegates, or to look at it in percentages, 74 percent, nearly three-fourths of the delegates and alternates to the RNC.

And maybe the media is starting to notice. Then again, six mega-corporations financed by the NWO Elite run said media! The writer of the propaganda in the previous link has a blog where he shows TOTAL BILDERBERG/GLOBALIST BIAS!

And in Massachusetts, Ron Paul is like the New York Yankees invading Fenway Park, taking some of the delegates away from Bilderberg’s neocon choice, Mitt Romney.

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