Bilderberg 2012

The conference of the power elite will NOT take place in Israel as first reported, but on American shores, in the same place where in 2008 and 2002 Bilderberg meetings were held, Chantilly, VA.’s Tony Gosling reports the choice of location will just about mean police state high security.

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones spoke on Jones’ talk radio program today.

Social critic Mark Dice wrote on his Facebook page the alternative media is on to the lies the corporate media has made up on why they refuse to cover Bilderberg.  Well, here’s a memo, most of the people who run the media, consisting of just six mega corporations, like Rupert Murdoch have attended AT LEAST ONE Bilderberg event.

“This is the year I want video or photos from INSIDE Bilderberg’s meeting. In today’s age of social media, SOMEONE on my page, or a friend of yours WORKS at the hotel where Bilderberg will be meeting, likely June 1st and 2nd at the Washington Dulles Marriott. Let’s find someone who is willing to help us expose Bilderberg from INSIDE and take some photos of them at their conference, or audio” Dice wrote.

In 2008, Bilderberg chief reporter Jim Tucker reported on who attended the event.  Among those who did…JOHN MCCAIN AND BARACK OBAMA, not to mention Hillary Clinton.


Bilderberg is a secret group of powerful and well-known politicians, businessman, and people involved with international affairs. They have been meeting since 1954 in almost absolute secrecy until recently. Bilderberg is the name of a hotel in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands where the first meeting was held. No one would admit they attended back in those days even if someone had pictures of them going in and their name on the attendee list or the power of alternative social media like the Web, which is being shut down by power mad hungry politicians like Joe Libeberman of Connecticut and (how is this for irony) West Virginia’s Jay Rockefeller. The conference is supposed to be an outlet for geopolitical hotshots to freely discuss their opinions on policy and world events.

These actions from US officials are supposed to be illegal since they violate the Logan Act which disallows US officials to meet secretly with foreign governments regarding policy.  Despite the existence of the act charges are rarely filed. So the big question here is, why the secrecy?  The attendees and press pay no attention to the Logan Act.  But what seems to bother people like Mark Dice, Alex Jones and others in alternative media is that Bilderberg gets ZERO corporate media coverage. Some media elite, like Murdoch and CBS News’ Charlie Rose attended these events. But when a G8 or major UN conference is the event, the media is all over it.

But back to this year’s Bilderberg, although the Westfield Marriott in Chantilly, a Washington suburb is likely to host this year’s meeting, the group has been known in the past to book nearby hotels as a decoy to throw reporters off track. A search on Yahoo for “Bilderberg 2012” returned 5,120,000 hits.  The web and alternative media is getting on to these elite maggots all born with silver spoons up their anuses.

Another thing you need to know…Bilderberg has its attendees in: 1. NATO 2. Western National Politics 3. The European Commission 4. European Parliament

UPDATE: CONFIRMED…Jim Tucker on Alex Jones program said this year’s Bilderberg WILL BE IN CHANTILLY, VA

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