Quick Hits

A complete rundown of yesterday’s soon to be infamous SCOTUS hearing on ObamaCare

More of the “Rally the troops circle the wagons” crowd’s smokescreen on the SCOTUS hearing on ObamaCare

Brits celebrate the latest WOMAN murdered by MI-6 and the royals  in Afghanistan as war becomes more desensitizing and macabre

Globalist Jew Schumer boasts that with Romney as nominee “healthcare is off the table” and well he might be right…still a dumb lefty Jew, but right

Are the Hunger Games a prophecy, bound to come true more sooner than later? This Rev thinks so

Ron Paul asks future groom of the stool Piers Morgan “Why should I quit this race because people like you say I should!?”

Rick Santorum “No more Mr. Nice guy” is how the Libtard press is framing him now.  Corporate media distracts as usual…SCREW EM!

A Teen Magazine written for Teen conservatives!? Yep, and it sounds positively Kristolian or DeceptiCONian.  If young conservatives want a magazine to read, how about The American Conservative?

Obama sells a hoodie and so does Ron Paul, so what does that prove? That people are gullible and Jerry Rivers STILL IS AFOOL!

L.A. Slimes:  Earth is saved by Obama from coal fired energy plants and the poor are saved from having to wriggle with those light switches which will no longer work!

The Murdoch-owned WSJ is giddy over our newfound “Constitutional awakening” but pray tell what are WE awakening to!?

Obama is caught with a live mic making promises to Russian head honcho Demitry Medvedev that the U.S. will scuttle missile defense after Dear Leader’s re-election

Paper of Operation Mockingbird editorial: ObamaCare is constitutional, get over it and learn to love our new national democracy.  BULL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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