In New Hampshire, in a story the corporate media (especially WMUR-TV nor the Ron Paul bashing New Hampshire Union Leader) will ignore it looks like someone broke the law regarding presidential eligibility and the state ballot law commission.  The blog NH Election Fraud is reporting on how the fraud goes to the office of the Secretary of State.

665:7 Filing Disputes
“The ballot law commission shall hear and determine disputes arising over whether nomination papers or declarations of candidacy filed with the secretary of state conform with the law.”
The law is, that to be eligible for the Presidency, you MUST be a natural born citizen and Obama is NOT a natural born citizen. Obama is NOT even an America citizen, according to the Constitutional Framers. You will see that all my quoted sources are from the Library of Congress, so to CHANGE the framer’s intent, there would have had to of been amendments to the Constitution, changing the Presidential requirements and that has never happened!
The commission says that they do not deal with criminal and do not have the authority to remove obama for not being Natural Born, but that is FALSE because in 2008, the commission removed Sal Mohamed was removed from the ballot because he was not a Natural Born Citizen, being born in Egypt.
And regarding one of the controversial members of the board…
Section 665:1
“No person shall be appointed to the commission who holds an elected office or who is an election official.”
The day that Jane was appointed to the Ballot Law Commission she WAS STILL a House Representative, so technically, she was not eligible for the position at that time. She did resign, the day before her effective date to the commission, but she was appointed while holding an elected office and the law clearly states no one should be “appointed”, it doesn’t say no one should be “elected” or “approved”, it says appointed and technically, she was still a House Representative. The appointment date is different (earlier) than the approved/effective date and her effective date is September 14, 2010, so even giving her the benefit of doubt by saying she was approved in one days turn around time (which is highly unlikely) it would have been impossible for her to be appointed, without still being a House Member.  She’s even still got a House website
Bold–emphasis my own.
Now where does Bill Gardner, the Secretary of State play in all this?  See the video below where it seems there has been some scamming going on since 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, it goes to show you, the camera is the new gun!


And just who is Bill Gardner?


William M. (Bill) Gardner (born October 26, 1948) is the current Secretary of State of New Hampshire. He is in charge of the department that oversees all general elections, primary elections, voter registration and recounts within the state, including the New Hampshire primary. He currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Public Advisory Board at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

He began his career in New Hampshire politics as a state representative and was elected Secretary of State in 1976 by the state legislature. He has been kept in office by both Democratic and Republican legislatures since then.

Gardner has taken the lead in New Hampshire’s policy towards “100% Paper Ballot” elections, in contrast to some states that use computerized voting systems without paper records of each vote.

A strong supporter of New Hampshire’s standing as the ‘first in the nation’ primary state, Gardner wrote Why New Hampshire with the late former Governor Hugh Gregg in October 2003, detailing the history and significance of the New Hampshire Primary. He also appears in Winning New Hampshire, released in 2004.


But if you ask me, after 35 years on the job and as a friend to the Seacoast Statists, Manchester Marxists and Concord Communists, he is CLEARLY SOMEONE WHO REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE NEW HAMPSHIRE’S LIVE FREE OR DIE SPIRIT!

It’s time for this Gardener to get planted…IN JAIL.

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