Queen of Birthers losing her grip…and mind?

Apparently Birther Report is rubbing Dr. Orly Taitz the wrong way.


Attorney Orly Taitz just made a false accusation against this site and claims she sent us a demand for explaination. Our repsonse follows Taitz’s headline at her blog.

Demand for explanation sent to blogger Birtherreport.com and ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com, to explain, why did he remove the name of attorney Orly Taitz from the deposition of director of Health Fuddy, which was posted on his blog. See the original subpoena and an altered one from the blog ObamaReleaseYourRecords

Explanation from BirtherReport.com to Attorney Orly Taitz:

See the original subpoena linked here which was posted by Orly Taitz at her own blog and see the one we uploaded to Scribd and you will see Orly once again is wrong and is throwing around false accusations.

Orly Taitz never contacted this site for an explanation. She simply aired it on her site as if she reached out to us when in fact she did not. This is one of the problems with Orly Taitz. She jumps to conclusions before finding out the truth of the matter and takes it to her blog publicly. She did this with Gary Wilmott, Article II Super PAC and countless others. This must stop!


And B-R has a warning for Dr. Taitz…


Orly, stop attacking and dividing your own supporters or you will lose them.


Sorry Orly, but I think you are about to lose me!

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