Greenwich teacher may have been pedophile

Earlier this month, Steve Allen, the 57-year-old Greenwich music teacher, was found dead in his Cos Cob apartment.  Police determined Allen, who taught at Eastern Middle School for the last eleven years, committed suicide.  Now there is word Allen possibly engaged in child pornography.

A note, and subsequent Greenwich Police press release, was given to parents by Greenwich High School headmaster Chris Winters.  The release sites police saying “photographs of a sexually explicit nature, some of which appeared to include children…” were found in Allen’s apartment. While local children were not  involved, a report in the Greenwich Time said there was a bin filled with child porn from websites from foreign countries.

“We are both surprised and distressed at this news. We are surprised because there had been no indication or suspicion that Mr. Allen was involved in any activity of this nature, nor have there been any complaints or accusations regarding his behavior. We are distressed because we do not condone or tolerate this behavior in anyone, much less a member of our staff.  A review of Mr. Allen’s personnel file and the background check, including fingerprinting, conducted at the time of his hire, reveal no reports, accusations or suspicions of inappropriate behavior nor any criminal record.” Superintendent of Schools Roger J. Lulow said.

The release went on to say if parents have concerns about how to respond to questions from their children or if they are concerned about their children’s response, they should contact their child’s school and ask to speak with the psychologist, guidance counselor or social worker.

“Our primary objective at this time is to assist the school community, particularly the students, in dealing with this news. To that end, the District as a whole and Eastern Middle School and Greenwich High School (schools with students of Mr. Allen’s) specifically, will provide support and guidance for staff, students and families as needed.” Lulow said adding if people have information regarding this to contact Lt. Kraig Gray at Greenwich Police (203-622-3620).

The Greenwich Time also went on to report the FBI may be getting involved.

UPDATE: On News 12 CT tonight/last night, it was their top story.

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