Dear Sean

Writing on the blog TPATH, Dwight Kehoe takes Long Island Ice Teaocon Sean Hannity and Jabba The Hut Karl Rove to major task on them being a part of the NWO.


I know what you claim and I have heard your spiel, about not being a “Republican” and that you are registered as a Conservative. You’ve said it, we’ve heard it. It rings true no more.  More and more, you should become aware, your listeners are coming to the realization that repetition does not represent certification. Its a great tool of the left, but for you Sean, its not cutting it. Talk is cheap, actions prevail.

As an observer and participant in the flow of information, there appears to be no other person or commentator who represents the GOP talking points, better than you.  Having said that, it is important for you to understand that I too support the Republican ideology, but I have become more and more disenchanted with GOP political operatives and agenda.

They (GOP) continue to espouse support for grass roots organizations and conservative view points while working methodically and maliciously behind the scenes to undermine those they have not anointed.  And you Sean, are their loudest and most ardent mouth piece, despite your claims to the contrary.

The most egregious thing that you continue to do, is put that GOP operative and “muck-slinger” Karl Rove on both your radio and TV shows.  He represents himself, and you attest to it,  as an objective political analyst, when by now, you must know, as most of your audience does, that his viewpoints are carefully manipulated in support of the Republican elite to which he is indeed a full member.

During the Senate races last year, the GOP and Rove wanted their RINO friend to win the US Senate Primary in Delaware and when he lost, Rove and the Republican Party did everything they could do to see that the Democrat won the general election.  There can be no excuse for that and there is no forgiving it.  Rove was the attack dog for the “spiteful” GOP and you Sean, have been and continue to be the conduit for their agenda.

Moving on to this primary season, its clear to anyone that the GOP has promised Mitt Romney the nomination and they are doing everything they can to see that, systematically, each of his rivals are destroyed.

Romney was forced out after that fiasco of primary voter manipulation took place down in Florida in the 2008 Republican primary. It was evident that the GOP had at that time, promised the nomination to McCain. It was his turn.  Romney dropped out of that race, way too soon.  Only a fool would not see that he was promised the “next turn” if he would be a good little Republican and get out of the way.  And he did.  Now, despite the pretense of allowing the Republican voters to select their nominee, Karl Rove and the GOP, with the help of Sean Hannity, clandestinely are in full subversion mode to get the “promised one” the nomination.

Bring Rove on your show, introduce him for what he is, a functioning operative of the National Republican Party, rather than the objective viewer of the process, then at least you will be honest with your viewers and yourself.


Basically, you people love picking winners and losers and love staging wars like your neocon heroes.  WELL THANKS TO THEIR ACTIONS, OUR CONSTITUTION ET MORTIS, NEW WORLD ORDER SCUM!

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