Just how stupid has this nation become?



If the video below in any way reflects the mental capacity of the average American, we’re in big trouble. The folks interviewed appear to be incapable of reading English.

Well, one guy can – and he still doesn’t know if Obama is a Keynesian.

The Keynesian theory of economics became the norm after the Great Depression and the Second World War. It is the centralized, collectivist government approach to a managed economy. It is the philosophical core of a fiat paper money system manipulated by the bankers and their cartel, the Federal Reserve.

Millions of Americans are clueless when it comes to economics. Public schools do not teach students how modern collectivist economics works.

That’s why we have to stop calling Obama a Keynesian. He was born in Hawaii, after all.

Thanks to Karen De Coster for finding this very revealing video.



I don’t whether to laugh or not at this.  But it just shows you how out of touch the teacher’s unions and the Jew Banksters who support them are with reality!

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