Birther Report says a lesser known Presidential candidate has filed a multiple state lawsuit against Obama/Soetoro.


As campaign manager for 2012 Presidential candidate John Dummett, we have just aligned ourselves with a prominent Constitutional Eligibility attorney by the name of Van Irion of the Liberty Legal Foundation from Tennessee…He has agreed to file a constitutional eligibility lawsuit on behalf of John Dummett as lead FEC presidential candidate..This lawsuit will be filed within the next 3 days, if not earlier…It will be filed in 3 states, local and federal of this great country in a massive concerted effort to bring honor and integrity to our ballot box and to prevent ineligible un-constitutional candidates such as barack hussein obama from ever appearing on the state ballot in any US state…It is our fervent hope and prayer that we will spread this lawsuit to all 50 states…There will be an upcoming press release within the next few days that will set out a little more in detail as to our approach on this novel matter that we believe will be embraced by the courts..John does have standing as per dicta from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to bring this lawsuit to a final conclusion on the merits…Please send this notice out viral to all your contacts…On a side note and in behalf of John, I want to personally thank all of our hard core supporters and foot soldiers who many of you have been with us from the beginning…You all know who you are…It is because of your love for this country and your desire to restore our Republic that you have committed yourselves to support John, his ideals, platform and agenda for America..On Johns’ behalf, we thank all you guys from the bottom of our heart..Now the real work will begin in various courts around the country to get our nation back on the right track..We can no longer tolerate the grave injustice done to the American people during the fraudulent 2008 election of an un-constitutional candidate.. More to follow!!!……..sincerely, campaign manager william odom


All this comes in the wake of neocon warmonger Bush bot Karl “Jabba The Hut” Rove blasting 65% of South Carolina voters regarding eligibility.

A poster at B-R, Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel wrote…


It’s time for Karl Rove to step aside. He’s outlived his GOP and media usefulness. He might as well be honest with himself and formally join Barry’s Obots. Rove is nothing more than a CTDAS – “Conspiracy Theorist of Denial, Arrogance and Silence,” over the obvious reality that Obama is a non natural born citizen [illegitimate] US “president.” To think that the American people are that stupid makes Rove lower than a stupid dumb nut.

Having stated the above, if the Republican Party keeps on with this denial, they very may well exasperate many Conservative voters who do not care to vote for the GOP nominee who ignores this very important Constitutional eligibility issue:

“Shame on Obama’s Republican /Conservative / Independent Pawns – Gutless they are:!”

“Why some Conservatives will not vote for the 2012 GOP nominee:”

“There are Bigger Fish to Fry” – A “Birther” Rebuttal



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