The lies continue

Skip Tracer Al Hendershot Jr. performs legal/financial/criminal database searches and is about to reveal new details about the matrix linking Barack Hussein Obama II and Harrison J. Bounel using the same Social Security number, home address, family and more.

The video can be seen below…

However, Birther Report is saying this is only the beginning about the Obama/Bounel connection…

More in-depth videos coming soon! The video above is just a promo video. The next videos with Al will show him making the searches in real time with live shots of both Al and his computer screen. They are being produced/edited now.

Meanwhile, the usurper talks a bit about Sheriff Joe, who I think is starting to get back into my good graces.  Well, the sheriff had this to say in response.

“I enforce the law, including state and federal laws, because I took an oath of office as the elected Sheriff to do so. The President of the United States should understand that and applaud me for that effort, not criticize me.”

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