Greenwich Time abuses it

Greenwich Roundup takes the Hearst owned not so local newspaper to task for announcing every shelter open for the hurricane in Fairfield County…EXCEPT FOR GREENWICH!

Calling the paper a joke, Roundup blasted the ragsheet…

Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber Couldn’t Be More Hopelessly Clueless If He Tried

That’s what happens when Mockingbird gets into the media.


IRENE…HAARP influenced?

Evil NEVER takes a rest, neither should I nor us in the Patriot movement.

Listen to this man’s speech…AND THINK UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE MATRIX!

Lee Harvey Oswald Was CIA

Time for a brief break from Irene coverage (now a CAT 1 ‘cane, but the size is the trouble with it).  Looks like the CIA REALLY LOVES STAGING EVENTS.


Back in 2004 a government document was de-classified that proves Lee Harvey Oswald was trained by the CIA.

This subject has been discussed heavily in my interview with Judyth Vary Baker and also touched on it in my interview with Ed Haslam.


There is more to follow.




And with that, neocon talk radio is now OFFICIALLY IRRELEVANT!  If I got back into radio and became a talk radio PD…I would shake things up more than that VA quake this past Tuesday!



5:00-6:00–America In The Morning

6:00-10:00–LIVE LOCAL (with an 8-miunte live local newscast at the top of the hour except at 10:00.  Audio from SRN)

10:00-Noon–Peter Schiff

Noon-12:30–The Midday Magazine (with The Phyllis Schlafly Report to serve as backpage commentary and Lou Dobbs financial)

12:30-2:00–ALEX JONES

2:00-4:00–LOU DOBBS

4:00-6:00–LIVE LOCAL

6:00-9:00–THE ROTH SHOW

9:00-10:00–Call to Decision

10:00-1:00–Radio Detective

Midnight-5:00–John &  Jeff


I will have a weekend line-up which will include the Alex Jones Sunday show as well as Free Talk Live featured.  Of course there is the matter of getting through “Irene.”

Super Committee has a Super problem


Tarpley and the quake

From today’s Alex Jones show…



They are using H.A.A.R.P. It seems God is on our side. Ron Paul has been shaking up the establishment, and God has decided to contribute to the cause. This was a HAARP quake generated by China on behalf of the Japanese for the tsunami which was a HAARP event generated by the U.S. I hope they vibrate DC into a pile of white rubble – we deserve it! A note to the quake-makers:   If you REALLY want to f*** over the United States, destroy the pyramids in Mexico – that’s the capstone of their NWO.


I would not be shocked if this IS MANMADE FROM HAARP!!

Quake cam

From the AP…how the White House and Capitol shook.  Folks, if you ask me it’s our founding fathers awakening from their slumber as well as the dreaded HAARP machine of the globalists wanting to turn this nation into an underground city.

Matter of fact, people who tuned in to the Alex Jones show heard from an eyewitness…none other than Webster Tarpley.

Historian, economist and frequent Infowars contributor Dr. Webster Tarpley was witness to the 5.9 earthquake that hit the Washington, D.C. area today. Tarpley told the Alex Jones Show that he could ‘feel buildings shaking’ from his residence in Maryland, immediately North of the District of Columbia line. The quake was reportedly felt from North Carolina all the way up to New York.

Dr. Tarpley first wondered ‘what kind of airplane’ had been flying over, as the ground shook beneath him. Although earthquakes do occur in the D.C. area, one of this magnitude is rare, Tarpley pointed out. A 3.6 earthquake occurred last year in July, many times smaller on the logarithmic-based Richter scale.


It also caused two nuclear power plants to shut down as RT reports.