After Irene

You know I find it unusual a storm named for a deceased relative, my Aunt Irene in this case, did little damage to my house.  Oh sure there was minor basement flooding and a sump pump we use outdoors worked to rid water from the prone to flooding back of the lot.  But to me, as crazy as this sounds, I think my Aunt from “up there” protected my mom and I despite the storm that rumbled on through Greenwich leaving at last count from CL&P with over 11,400 in town without power.  However in Ridgefield, where my Uncle Rocky lives, recovering nicely from his stroke, there are no lights ANYWHERE!  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT BLACKOUT.  Over a half million CL&P customers throughout the state.  Places like Bridgeport and New Haven use United Illuminating, but their server has crashed so I can’t get the up to the moment numbers there.

Com on Aunt Irene, was he THAT much a troublemaker?  Call me crazy, but as a Catholic sometimes these things just pop into my brain.

If there were any heroes in all this, one of them believe it or not is the head man in Greenwich, First Selectman Peter Tesei.   The blog Greenwich Roundup reports Tesei and his family hunkered down at Town Hall.

First Selectman Peter Tesei stayed at the emergency management center overnight to monitor the slow moving Hurricane Irene.

Mr. Tesei was worried that his family would not be able to traverse the roads once the worst of the storm landed in Greenwich, so he picked up his wife and childre.

Ms. Tesei and the children; Caroline, 4, and James, 2, slept on an inflatable mattress and cots provided by the Health Department.

The kids played with puzzles and other games and thought it was quite an adventure.

Have to hand it to him though I don’t think he really is that much of a republican (note the small r.) but in this case he was able through the facilities of  the Roundup and WGCH radio, not so much the ragsheet of town The Greenwich Time and its corporate owner Hearst, which was really taken to task by Roundup.

Social media, when available really became an important tool during Irene.  Blogs like Roundup allow REAL journalists, the citizens, not corporate Pentagon trained lackeys to get to the heart of the story.  In one case, it was done through pictures of Old Greenwich, which really got hit.

Take Porricelli’s IGA Food Mart for example.

This is their parking lot.  That green thing you see is where the shopping carts are stored.

In closing this post, let’s hope our liberty and freedom don’t get flooded.  As Benjamin Franklin once said

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. “

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