Folks, it’s not just neocons who hate Ron Paul, like Debbie Schlussel, it’s the media too.  Which is why one of my many mottoes is SCREW THE MEDIA, RON PAUL 2012 OR ELSE…SAY GOOD-BYE TO THE REPUBLIC!  Lew Rockwell blogger Justin Quinn posts the conniving ways the media is looking to railroad Ron Paul to continue their sex orgies with the usurping illegal alien from Kenya, Barry Soetoro.  And it starts with one of the major polling places, Rasmussen.


A recent article entitled “Ron Paul’s dilemma” makes the case that “Ron Paul may be in the ultimate damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation as next month’s Ames Straw Poll draws closer.”

If Paul polls fourth or fifth at Ames, it will feed the existing narrative that he is a second-tier candidate with a devoted but small legion of fans. Ames will be, at best, a wash. If, on the other hand, Paul finishes first or second, it will feed the narrative that he’s a straw-poll paper tiger with a small but devoted legion of fans that swamped Ames from around the country. The media will give itself permission to ignore the result and instead focus on the “serious” candidates.

Rasmussen makes the unfortunate factual error of stating that Ron’s “legion of fans” could “swamp Ames from around the country.” The Ames Straw Poll is only open to Iowa residents. A simple Google search could have prevented that mistake and allowed him to reword it differently, though at the expense of weakening his argument. A victory in Ames would not mean that Ron Paul is backed by a small group of fanatics that crawled out of the woodwork, but that he has strong core of support within the key state of Iowa. Let us ignore that fact for now.

Instead, lets focus on the substance of Rasmussen’s opinion: The Ames Straw Poll is very important, but only if Ron Paul doesn’t win.


You read right folks, the media told by their Pentagon/CIA/Mockingbird operatives IF RON PAUL WINS THE AMES POLL THE RESULT IS TO BE IGNORED!  And by the way, the term Money Bomb…RON PAUL SUPPORTERS CAME UP WITH THE TERM!  And when Ron Paul threatens the globalist’s very existence, they resort to their operative’s the media’s favorite tactic…LIES!


When it become too obvious that the Ron Paul movement is taking over the country, they will resort to blatant lies and deception. This is precisely what Fox News did earlier this year when they tried claim that Ron Paul was booed at the 2011 CPAC by playing the clip from 2010. When Bill Hemmer asks Ron Paul how he felt being about booed, he laughs in a very odd, juvenile way. The way his tong moves around in his mouth, almost as if he is savoring the opportunity to humiliate Ron Paul, I imagine him once being a large, fat bully in the fifth grade. Ron Paul in fact got a standing ovation when he was announced the winner of the 2011 CPAC Straw Poll. Such an amateurish attempt at deception was quickly found out, and Fox News via Hemmer was forced to publicly apologize for their “honest mistake.”


Then again what else does one expect from a CFR man like Murdoch, who is facing charges in England for illegal phone taps and should face a US Justice department investigation for same as well as the crime of murdering America’s once free press?

Back to the Ames poll, on Infowars comments page, we apparently have some inside info as to how even Iowa has been poisoned by the fake left-right paradigm driven by neocon social conservatives and neolibs whose communist movement was bankster financed.


ISU Ames says:

As a resident of Ames, I’ll be at Hilton Coliseum for the Ames Straw Poll. Iowa State has a very small Ron Paul following. The conservatives here can’t get over his viewpoints on Marijuana and the liberals at ISU are typically socialists. I have yet to meet another student here that has even heard of infowars but I’m trying to change that. As for the rest of the state, there are plenty of RP supporters and most will probably be in Ames for the Straw Poll. RP will have a good showing here in Ames.


We shall see.  And one more thing, will the straw polls use Diebold machines?  If so, then Iowa has just taken part in the New World Order’s voting machine fraud.  Also, Alex Jones radio program needs to be heard on an Iowa terrestrial radio station.  Though I wouldn’t have luck with neocon globalist operative Clear Channel’s WHO Des Moines or WMT Cedar Rapids.

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