TSA causes more trouble in CT

WVIT, NBC Connecticut is reporting on how one woman was harassed by a TSA Agent posing as a cop.  The woman called police after off-duty 63-year-old off-duty TSA worker Donald Eichler began aggressively tailing her vehicle before flashing his TSA badge at her at around 9:30am yesterday in South Windsor.  The station reported,

“He told police he was upset that the woman was driving slightly below the speed limit on Sullivan Avenue, honked his horn a few times and showed her his TSA badge to try to get her to speed up, according to a release from police,”

Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars reports

Considered in isolation, the incident appears to be little more than a petty power trip, but when you factor in the documented epidemic of harassment, criminality and abuse that TSA agents have been caught engaging in both on the job and off-duty, it’s not surprising that the rollout of an army of TSA agents to provide “security” at every level of American society, from train stations to bus terminals, from highways to high school proms, is stoking concerns that the federal agency is set to become the de facto “civilian national security force” that Barack Obama promised in his pre-election speech.

The idea agents like Eichler even work for such a rogue, illegal group created by the inside job of 9/11,  is no surprise at all.  What Eichler needs to know is that impersonating an officer of the law is against the law.

As for the woman she felt scared by Eichler’s behavior.  The rogue cop/agent was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle to harass or intimidate. His case is set to be heard at Manchester Superior Court on August 8 .

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