A New Fed Head

There is a new chairman of the private and unconstitutional Federal Reserve…President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg Friday published an opinion article on the recently signed 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus bill.  Bloomberg’s Jim Franco said “the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets.  The Fed is providing the money to do it.  This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.”

That’s right, the President is nationalizing the Fed, something that has no reserve of anything nor is there anything federal about it.

In fact, the Fed…IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 says…

“The Congress shall have Power To…coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures…”

And there is more to the fed than one has been taught about…which is nothing in the government school systems in the U.S.

Blanco wrote about the following programs and their functions

CPFF (Commercial Paper Funding Facility) – buying commercial paper from the issuer.

PMCCF (Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility) – buying corporate bonds from the issuer.

TALF (Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility) – funding backstop for asset-backed securities.

SMCCF (Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility) – buying corporate bonds and bond ETFs in the secondary market.

MSBLP (Main Street Business Lending Program) – Details are to come, but it will lend to eligible small and medium-size businesses, complementing efforts by the Small Business Association.

Kelen McBreen wrote for Infowars…

“The Fed isn’t allowed to do any of this,” he continues. “The central bank is only allowed to purchase or lend against securities that have government guarantee. This includes Treasury securities, agency mortgage-backed securities and the debt issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. An argument can be made that can also include municipal securities, but nothing in the laundry list above.”

So if the Fed “isn’t allowed” to conduct the above-mentioned operations, how is any of this happening?

Each acronym program listed will be connected to a special purpose vehicle (SPV) financed by the Fed.

Next, the Treasury will make an equity investment in each SPV, meaning they, not the Fed, purchase the securities and backstopping of loans and the Fed is acting as a bank providing financing.

“The Fed hired BlackRock Inc. to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPVs on behalf of the owner, the Treasury,” Bianco writes.

“In effect,” he says, “The Fed is giving the Treasury access to its printing press.”

This is revolutionary because America’s Founding Fathers granted the power to print coin to Congress and Congress only.

See the link above for the section of the Constitution which has been since 1913 overthrown by foreign bankers and the elites.

McBreen said this action by Trump “appears to undo, at least partially, what former President Woodrow Wilson did in 1913, which was surrender Congress’ money-regulating powers to the privately-owned Federal Reserve.”

Alex Jones Saturday reported on this in a special broadcast available below…



And at Banned.Video through this link if and when the Chinese Communists at YouTube remove the embedded video

Big Pharma…BUSTED

Lisa Haven speaks to a man named Del Bigtree, who worked on the TV show “The Doctors” as a producer about Big Pharmas Role In a Coronavirus Cover-up.


Breitbart calls Fauci Dr. Doom

Well, Lisa Haven is saying Dr. Doom is lying when he says the bioweapon called Covid-19 is very deadly.


And why do we even trust the CDC…WHICH IS DEEP STATE AND WILL SPY ON US!

Not so sure what to think of this $2.2 trillion bailout which has pork for the communists favorite things?


Simply put the left in this country is working with the despicable Chinese Communist Party and their handlers, a bunch of power-mad global businessmen and women, the media and Hollywood…TO ENSLAVE US WITH THEIR LIES.

See in this video from Lisa Haven



The Federalist

As U.S. state and local officials halt the economy and quarantine their communities over the Wuhan virus crisis, one would hope our leaders were making such major decisions based on well-sourced data and statistical analysis. That is not the case.

A scan of statements made by media, state governors, local leaders, county judges, and more show many relying on the same source, an online mapping tool called COVID Act Now. The website says it is “built to enable political leaders to quickly make decisions in their Coronavirus response informed by best available data and modeling.”

An interactive map provides users a catastrophic forecast for each state, should they wait to implement COVID Act Now’s suggested strict measures to “flatten the curve.” But a closer look at how many of COVID Act Now’s predictions have already fallen short, and how they became a ubiquitous resource across the country overnight, suggests something more sinister.

When Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced a shelter-in-place order on Dallas County Sunday, he displayed COVID Act Now graphs with predictive outcomes after three months if certain drastic measures are taken. The NBC Dallas affiliate also embedded the COVID Act Now models in their story on the mandate.

The headline of an NBC Oregon affiliate featured COVID Act Now data, and a headline blaring, “Coronavirus model sees Oregon hospitals overwhelmed by mid-April.” Both The Oregonian and The East Oregonian also published stories featuring the widely shared data predicting a “point of no return.”


And who runs this?

Founders of the site include Democratic Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and three Silicon Valley tech workers and Democratic activistsZachary Rosen, Max Henderson, and Igor Kofman — who are all also donors to various Democratic campaigns and political organizations since 2016. Henderson and Kofman donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, while Rosen donated to the Democratic National Committee, recently resigned Democratic Rep. Katie Hill, and other Democratic candidates. Prior to building the COVID Act Now website, Kofman created an online game designed to raise $1 million for the eventual 2020 Democratic candidate and defeat President Trump. The game’s website is now defunct.





Another source…Haaretzhas a story from an Israeli doctor who says President Trump is right and the UN backed globalist WHO is wrong.

So the research is biased.

“Very biased. If I can only carry out few tests, I will test those who have the highest chance of becoming ill, and then, when I check the mortality rate among them, I will get very high numbers. But there is one country we can learn from: South Korea. South Korea has been coping with corona for a long time, more than most Western countries, and they lead in the number of tests per capita. Therefore, the official mortality rate there is 0.9 percent. But even in South Korea, not all the infected were tested – most have very mild symptoms.

“The actual number of people who are sick with the virus in South Korea is at least double what’s being reported, so the chance of dying is at least twice as low, standing at about 0.45 percent – very far from the World Health Organization’s [global mortality] figure of 3.4 percent. And that’s already a reason for cautious optimism.”


And you wonder why the media is no longer trusted?!

Corona Joe?

Mark Dice looks at, in his own inimitable fashion, at how Joe Biden just keeps getting weirder and weirder!!!!


A similar video




That is according to Jon Bowne of Infowars.


The Communist model is spreading just as aggressively as the Coronavirus. For example, Israel is already paving the way. As Zero Hedge reports, “After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last Saturday that authorities will tap the country’s ‘counter-terror’ technology and systems to combat the ‘invisible enemy’ of Covid-19, Israeli media is now reporting the government is actually considering the ‘total suspension of individual freedom.’”

In the United States, the Continuity of Government directives that had been quietly strengthened after they failed miserably during 9/11 are beginning their nefarious introduction to the public by the mainstream media. As Newsweek reports, “According to new documents and interviews with military experts, the various plans – codenamed Octagon, Freejack and Zodiac – are the underground laws to ensure government continuity. They are so secret that under these extraordinary plans, ‘devolution’ could circumvent the normal Constitutional provisions for government succession, and military commanders could be placed in control around America.”


And one more link of the NWO is Martial Law…AND IT’S COMING!  Just ask Alex Jones and America’s Lawyer Robert Barnes.

And Barnes got a message from a certain someone.


And one person who wants it, whether she and her family know it or not is so-called model and all around feckless witch Chrissy Teigen.




Memo to Senator Burr

Since it seems, mister Insider Trading who wants to compare the bioweapon known as Covid-19 to the 1918 Flu or even the Spanish Flu, here is some advice from someone who survived the Spanish Flu…AND SHE IS 106 YEARS YOUNG!

Townhall’s Beth Baumann reports, Fritzi Bryant of Washington State, survived the Spanish Flu that took place in 1918. Though she was a young girl, she remembers what took place and has advice for Americans currently facing the Wuhan CV crisis.